Who's able to sleep in in the morning?

& I don't mean who has no work, but will still be woken up at 10 past 7 by the kid(s). I mean who can actually sleep in? I can. The wife and kids are in another country, so I won't be woken up by anyone or anything in the morning. I'll probably still wake at 6 o clock and be on here, though. Quick tug & back to sleep until midday hopefully.
I can’t lie in, I might wake up at noon if I was on an epic all day sesh which ended at 4am but that’s just a normal kip for everyday mortals. I’m cursed with my nana’s ability to live on 4 hours sleep.

Currently I’m the last one up, i’m finishing the wine left over from tonight’s festivities and have 4 moretti’s in the fridge. I’ll flatten them watching the film I haven’t decided on yet and i’ll be up by 8 at the latest.

Sleeping’s overrated, it’s just practice for being dead.