Who will (should) be England's number 1 at the Euros?

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It will be Pickford but should be Henderson based on form this season.

Still a few months left tbf.

For me you bring form players into tournaments, think it's been a mistake that England have done for many years not to do that.
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on form over the season should be Henderson
I never get the argument the England side should be picked on club form, we'd end up with a different side every game.
well the other way has spent decades showing it doesnt work


Pickford of course. I can't recall him having a bad game for England, and more importantly, he fits the style Southgate wants to play.


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Was on the Grand Old Team forum earlier and pretty much every Everton fan there wants Pickford dropped from their team. Even some suggestions that he should see a psychologist.

They reckon he throws himself around for the cameras, doesn't deal with crosses consistently and loses the head too often. Now these are the fans who see him week in week out so food for thought.


Still think Pickford is more suited to England and Southgates style of playing out from the back. However I think Henderson has been great this season, surprised Utd havent cashed in on De Gea and made him number 1. Surely will do that soon.
Utd fucked up paying him way over the odds. Mourinho questioned the logic of paying him so much when all the clubs supposedly after him had invested in that position. The ball was firmly in Man Utd’s court.


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I'm a big fan of Aaron Ramdale but I think it's a bit early to be throwing him into the England squad. Pickford would be the obvious choice with his form in the last world cup but he has been poor this season. Think I would still start Pickford with Pope and Henderson in reserve.