Who will (should) be England's number 1 at the Euros?

SAFC Nooey

Full Back
Definitely pickford, he is a solid keeper who makes mistakes, like any keeper does just look at de geas continued mistakes yet he is still a great keeper. Also pickfords quick distribution and accuracy of it is a threat in a good team who can break a lot, no other english keeper has that ability.
Still think Pickford is more suited to England and Southgates style of playing out from the back. However I think Henderson has been great this season, surprised Utd havent cashed in on De Gea and made him number 1. Surely will do that soon.


Still Pickford, for his ability with his feet. Which was the reason he got in ahead of Butland in the first place. Butland is still technically the best English keeper, but hasn’t half fallen by the wayside being at Stoke. Not sure who he hasn’t had a move back to the Prem yet. Just another example of how being at the wrong club can affect a player’s career. Incidentally I think Pickford made a mistake going to Everton at a time when they were being managed by someone who didn’t know how to set up a defence.