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Who is your best friend on this message board and why?

Scunny Dan

Aye say old chap, steady on a bit, nancy boy is not a fair description of me. I play Rugger and Hockey I will have you know!
I also like Brass Rubbing, it can be very rewarding.

Trade description will be right round your flat quick smart regarding your username.


I am quite new and to be honest finding it difficult to make friends as most of the people I've spoken to on here are of low intelligence, working class types. I would like to befriend someone who is middle to upper class with at least 3 Cocker Spaniels and Mole skin trousers
Please apply via my message box
Everyone’s a bellend on here, so you probably.


I'd hazard a guess lots of posters would put me down as their best friend, or at least they'd want to be my best friend on the board.

I couldn't choose one, I'm liked by so many. I couldn't honestly choose who I dislike the most on here.