White supremacists matching in Virginia

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  1. The world order currently being constructed has little to do with race and everything to do with control in my opinion, the biggest struggle at the moment is for who dictates the narrative.
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  2. Interesting perspective, polarisation is what it is for me at the moment, everything is split sides have formed, and even in Britain its the same, but that is down to a few factors..
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    Putin, by the looks of things.
  4. how about the Chinese, the Americans are in a lot of debt to them
  5. Exactly and polarization means whatever Trump puts into place will be met with opposition just like Obama's attempts. If they truly want to sort out their problems first they need to come together which is what Trump is trying to do. It's like with addicts the first stage is admitting they have a problem... at the moment Americans are all busy pointing the finger at eachother, I say Americans but it seems to be an era the planet is going through; cyclical.
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    Not sure I agree with that. Statues are not just physical representations of people relevant to a time. They are enduring monuments designed to preserve the meaning behind the person and bring it into this time. They are emblematic otherwise they would have no point beyond decoration and would be taken down once outdated.
    The debate is over what aspects of Lees meaning are being preserved I think
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    Putin owns Trump. The Chinese are delighted that Trump is making a fool of himself on the international stage though.
  8. People severely underestimate the Chinese in my experience. If China told the US and UK to fuck off re their debt both economies would probably collapse, they have us by the balls which is why the UK government has been dancing to their tune for some time now.

    As for what's constructing this world order, I'm afraid it's not a nation state but something greater. Think of when before the ECSC was formed.
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    Either side?
    The people standing up to fascists and neo nazis don't need justifying- they're doing what is right like our grandparents / great grandparents did.
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  10. Most likely the case China and Russia are working to lessen the influence of America and the globalists who want to bring the world under the rule of their brand of international law?

    My grandparents/great grandparents were German.

    This and it has become a somewhat self-fulfilling prophecy. To my knowledge it wasn't a rallying point for the far right but I suspect it will be now knowing they can easily get a rise; ordo ab chao.
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  11. i agree with both of these points, first to reply to Moyes, for me the Chinese are the ones who stand the gain the most from whatever happens next, with the way trump goes on a lot of country's who disagree with him, will look for Chinese investment instead of doing business with trump..

    and to the second point, from MakemX, it has yet to be proven by Mueller just how Putin Owns Trump, but i guess we will find out sooner or later, no doubt the Chinese will think its great, more people want to do business with them, than the orange one.
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  13. I think this is probably the case. I also think that Trump is genuinely a "rogue" candidate which is why the globalists/deep state are desperate to discredit and get rid of him. Trump doesn't help himself sometimes like it's fair to say but still (for good or bad) I think he's first genuine President since Kennedy (the rest were just puppets). We all know what happened to Kennedy in the end...
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  14. Wouldn't surprise me at all, if I was a gambling man I'd have went short on all US markets on Friday ;)... certainly appeared to be the turning point with Trump's threats, that and the monumental gains made over the last few month have to come down at some point. I don't think that coupled with Trump's threats will be favourable for either the usa 30/500, I doubt they'll rise again this year and reckon it's downward from here. God help America if China tell them they're getting fuck all on their debts because they've pissed them off re: North Korea.
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    “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered”

    A view on memorials and statues etc about the civil war as expressed by some bloke back then called Robert E Lee.
  16. I agree with you regarding Kennedy.
  17. North Korea, and chinas opinion on that is the biggest factor, Trump should remember that you don't piss off, the people you owe money to. china have always been the silence dragon, always watching and waiting, having the biggest army in the world, and having American debt in there pocket, i guess they can afford to be

    JFK, was better with speeches, some of the best ones, we choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy but because it is hard. a true classic
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  18. JFK was a fine man. Shame really!

  19. A true leader
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    No, Let me clarify, white supremacists are scum and I despise what they stand for. My issue, is taking down the statue, which I don't agree is the right thing to do. I'm actually agreeing with you - My point, is the statue only, you keep going back to this racist ideology which is not my point. I think, people are well within their rights to be displeased with a statue being taken down that represents their history. You, don't agree, that's fine. I'm not arguing with you that the white supremacy types are still, even to this day, still opposing equal rights, they're fucking mentally challenged, racist and haven't evolved as human beings. I'm aware a vote was passed to remove the statue, but now there's even more division which inevitably, will lead to violence. For me, it was a bad move in my personal opinion.

    You say black people should exercise dramatic measures, they're doing that already. The statue itself has been vandalised with "black lives matter", there has been violence at rallies, people killed, American is a really, tense, divisive country right now, whether you believe it or not, that statue means alot to some people. Taking it down for some, is like American is erasing part of their beliefs.

    These white supremacists, now can justify their marches and actions with the statue removal issue excuse, it gives them something to be angry about.

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