White supremacists matching in Virginia

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  1. So which is it?

  2. He's condemned the whole shebang mate.
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    Vladislav Surkov is the name of the bloke who manages things for Putin.
  4. indeed, i guess we will find out, its crazy at the moment mind as @Tommasi has just said.. fake news all of that, if he does get booted out, it has to be cast iron, no room for the conspiracy theorists.

    Cheers for the information..

    link ?
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  5. The South does not unanimously see that as their culture, as the South includes a lot of black people. And wherever the line is, statues to those who defended slavery are on the wrong side of it
  6. On David Duke, forgive me if I don't go along with the narrative that him and Trump are best buddies doing eachother's bidding then.

    The dude who organised the rally has condemned the violence.

    You want me to link you to a video of Trump condemning the violence in Virginia?

    What people should be deriving from that is "not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama".
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  8. Remember when a Bernie Sanders supporter left-wing activist shot up a Republican baseball game? That got brushed under the carpet pretty quickly.

    Antifa and Black Lives Matter are a bunch of thugs too. If you can't see this and if you think all Trump supporters are Nazis then you're part of the problem too.
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  9. The conspiracy would be all of this being blamed on Trump :lol:

    NWO on it's way marra and we're all stood pointing fingers at eachother. We don't stand a chance, divided and conquered :lol:
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    Is that immortal technique in your avatar? :lol:
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  11. Certainly is.
  12. Some of the finest lyrics to grace this planet
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  13. interesting interview from trump.. and i watched all of it. lets hope he delivers on his words, to heal wounds
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    At least you now agree Rommel was a daft analogy.:)
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    Of course, but they choose to live there, if they're not comfortable in that environment they can move. If they're not in a position to do that - They have to accept it or just ignore it. It's only a statue, it doesn't solely represent slavery, Robert Lee was a huge figure, it's hardly an insulting gesture. But, to go along with your view, what's the alternative, take it down on morality reasons alone? Basically, delete that section of history, cause massive divide (In a country already divided courtesy of Mr Trump) and create an angry backlash - Good idea eh?

    Like I stated with my William Wallace comparison, if we're taking down statues as they offend some people, we'll need to take down a lot of statues.
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    After whom Mr. Gump was named.
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    Im not sure why you keep trying to bring irrelevant events into this thread. White supremacists have drove a car into a crowd of people, killing a person. That is the story here.
  18. Or India where there are 15 million known slaves? They should obviously concentrate on the white man's past.
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    You tell me

    Why would americans be more bothered about their country than India i wonder. Its really odd.

    Bizarre picture by the way. Its almost like you've taken sides. With the nazis.

    Think about that for a minute.
  20. I guess the majority hope but that isn't enough because there is a very real problem in America and it's existed since way before Trump, even Obama struggled against it. Pinning this on Trump then expecting the problem to go with him when he's got rid of is ensuring it happens again and lessening the ability to mount a real challenge in the future because people will conclude "it was all Trump's doing now he's gone the problem is resolved". Obviously people are going to start calling me a nutter/conspiracy theorist etc but this has been a problem for decades yet it's only recently started receiving a whole bunch attention and there are radical groups on both sides receiving significant funding to stir things up. If you study history you'll see enough of this throughout our existence.

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