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Comment in one of the reviews I read. "White Lines was like taking an ecstasy tablet and waiting for something to happen...nothing happened." Couldn't agree more-it's set up for series 2, think I'll pass.


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Have to say this is probably the worst series ive ever watched in my 55 years on earth. It is beyond diabolical, how it was commissioned is the 8th wonder of the world, how its got a second series is the 9th.
The characters demand no sympathy or empathy , aren't realistic( librarian just flies out like that, leaves husband and kid, also with seemingly unlimited annual leave) ,and the kid ( Axel- where the fuck did that name come from) who got murdered had what was coming to him- He was a complete arrogant prick. His sister is totally reprehensible and only reason watched to end was hoping she got murdered too. The acting is woeful at best( particularly the sister ) , and as for sisters accent , the voice coach needs sacking- at first thought she was a geordie. some of acting made Dev from Corras look like Laurence Olivier.
I'd pay good money not to see a millisecond of series 2.
Do not watch- rant over.
First comment to the missus was "her accent isnt right"

Still no idea what it was supposed to be. Yorkshire? Lancashire? Flits into North Eastern and back again


Heard rave reviews but I'm 3 in and think I'm getting bored
Netflixwise “Into The Night” is the stuff. Belgian sci fi plane hijack thriller. You’ve nivver seen owt like it. Mad as owt. Come to think of it “Into The Night” the 80s crime thriller starring Goldblum, Bowie and a young Michelle Pfieffer hubbahubbahubbatastic doesn’t get the credit it deserves either.
I'll have a look
Best drama on Netflix by a country mile is inhuman resources with Eric Cantona in the lead. French drama with superb acting, story, twist etc. 6 45 minute episodes. It come on Saturday and I’ve watched it twice it’s that good.
Aye I thoroughly enjoyed it like. Love Eric anyway but it was really interesting
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Like alot of people - I enjoyed it even though it was shit, i've not experienced that before. I suppose it's just the right level of easy watching, with a combo of murder mystery / sex / drug dealing / violence / escapism etc.

The second series with Marcus as the drug king pin should be decent, but hopefully Zoe Collins isn't involved or at least not a main character
Boxer was a good actor , I would say, he comes out of the series with credit.
yep, agree Boxer was a very good character, the only one with any depth really

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Watched first episode out of curiosity, despite getting slammed on here - thought surely it cant be THAT bad ?!

But fuck me.....it's truly awful. Unlikeable, unbelievable wooden characters and a ridiculous storyline. No thanks

vote quimby

It's awful. Only finished it because of my OCD. It looked like it should of been something I would enjoy but it was really wet behind the ears.
Was like when Hollyoaks would do a couple "late night episodes". Acting, editing and story line was very similar.
Axel was a ****, the actor who plays him looks like a ****.
His sister is annoying.
Boxer was good, murdered a couple gangsters, fell in love and turned shit like everyone else.
The pillock with the long hair and yoga outfit was a wanker.
None of it looked like Ibiza.
Actually, I liked Kika.... and the gentleman with no arms.