White Finger,deafness etc

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  1. Vauxie

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    Can you still claim even though retired?
    Was the old shipyard thing when lot of people got payments/pensions in lieu of occupational hazards at the time
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  2. Lord Potts

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    I would imagine that it would be certainly worth getting advice if its work related.First off try contacting a former Trade Union if you were a member . If they can't help directly they may at the very least be able to point you to an experienced specialist solicitor not one of these injury claim outfits

    My old dad had white finger and deafness after over 40 years in the yards. Of course as you might expect he died a millionaire on the basis of all the compensation that he received. (A few hundred quid in the 1980's).:rolleyes:

    Unfortunately he was only 73 when he died which at the time was the average life expectancy of a Sunderland man who had been engaged in heavy industry. (The figure was published purely by coincidence on the front page of the Echo the day after he died). Well he certainly didn't get any compensation for that but it was some reassurance for his family that he had at least helped keep up the "average statistic" - what more could anyone have asked for?

    But don't be put off people were given short measure back in the day industrial injury is taken far more seriously these days. best of luck with it.
  3. Secret Visage

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    Could be wrong, but was told there was a time limit on VWF.
  4. Cheesy Feet

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    As above try contacting an industrial injury specialist..I got a payment from the yards in 1993..white finger..I got £400..your basically claiming off a company's insurance so as long as you've a legitimate claim I wouldn't have thought there would be a time frame for it.
  5. WildTurkey

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    Yes, my Dad did (got knocked back though)

    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    Well aye. Me fatha is fucked and has claimed for every inch of his body :lol:
  7. Cheesy Feet

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    The day me Dad went for his hearing test for his claim he was sat on the Settee with Motorheads 'No sleep till Hammersmith' blasting through the headphones..said his ears were buzzing when he got there..he got a good pay out.
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  8. Snaggletooth

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    I was there when they they recorded it, and mine are still fucking ringing.
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  9. Vauxie

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    Good info thanks lads

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