It’s no problem. No idea when I’d get around to drinking it and the sister bottle sounds very similar.
I’ve shipped the bottles. I’ll give you a shout when they arrive.
That's awesome mate, thank you. I've sent you a pm 👍 😁
I may well be mistaken or it may have been amended at some point as I picked my bottle up when they reappeared.

You share a birthday with my daughter.
I used to think I was the bitches tits sharing my birthday with American independence day 😂 Been class if I was American like, holiday every year on my birthday 🍻🥃
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Just seen an Instagram post from Lagg who are releasing the first batch of their peated single malt mid August. At £75 for 50cl of 3 year old whisky, I think I'll be giving it a swerve...
Madness, particularly when you can get a Ledaig 10 under £40.
Hopefully this is just a case of Arran trying to cash in on an inauguaral release rather than any real change to their pricing policy.
I certainly won't be buying it!

Cee Jay

Noticed House of Malt had KK heavily peated( since sold out) but still have Longrow bottles for those wanting something from Springbank/KK
The Whisky Cellar ( Indy bottlers) are they the same people/owners as House of Malt ?

Anyone had their bottles ?
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