I popped into the Springbank shop as well that trip and got stuck behind a German lad who just seemed to be adding random bottles of everything whilst the lad was trying to cash up his order :) His bill was a shade over £8 grand.:eek:
Fuck me! Funnily enough I was also in the shop with a German couple but they didn't spend that much, although they did make a canny dent in the cage bottles

When we were at Glenfarclas in July there was a woman buying a few family cask bottles ( I was nebbing) she wanted a bottle from the year of birth of her son…was an early 80’s bottle at £3k plus, but then said she’d better get an equivalent bottle for her daughter who would be left out even though “ she doesn’t like whisky”

She then bought a fair few other “ cheaper” bottles

Frightening the prices they can get away with in some distillery shops :eek:

We (the family) chipped in and bought my son in law a 1980 Family cask for his 40th last year. I think I only paid a shade over £400 for it from RMW. Would likely have been thousands at the distillery.


If anyone likes a proper honeyed whisky then I'd recommend this...

Although I haven't had a bottle in a while I used to really like the singleton stuff, helped get me into scotch tbh and this is the most honeyed dram I've ever tasted. Really nice as I remember it although only 40%


The wife thinks I'm a pain in the arse when i can't run. If I lost taste and smell think she would divorce me.

BBC News - The whisky expert who fears losing his senses to Covid
I had covid last year and lost mine for a week got to say I was panicking it wouldn't come back.


£210 last year I think - they’d put the price up. Still not sure whether I’ll get it as I’m not convinced the price/quality ratio is worth £100 more than the 18.
Not sure myself mate tbh, bit of a novelty really, would love to try it mind. As I've said before, I can't believe the washback bar doesn't sell drivers drams as they have both the 21 and the 25 on offer. I'd have had one of each.