Which song do you think you have heard most in your life?


It's an excellent question and I don't know the answer, but I am going to think about it as I drift off to sleep in my Bill and Ted now...

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I’ve tracked everything I’ve listened to for over 13 years. Alas I am too embarrassed to say what shit I listen to :lol: but my most listened to of the past year is Good Ones by Charli XCX
Great song that it is
From Christmas 1980 I listened to Happy Christmas, War is Over every night before bed for over two years. Not sure why, it just became something I had to do.
I can't remember intentionally listening to it since.

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Apartment Story - The National although my Spotify stats at the end of the year also told me I’m in the top 1% of Pogues streamers on the planet :lol:
Cracking track.
The National - Day I Die or PSB - West End Girls will be my most played.
That concert has to be about as close to perfection as it is possible to get. Superb from start to finish.
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Something along the lines of this, spent my misplaced youth listening to AD2 / TNM cassettes on repeat none stop every single day… still listening to them most days now :lol:
Never skip this on my playlist

What a tune! Loads of great dance tunes from that era, shame I was still in nappies
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