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Which Film Is This?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by marsey, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. marsey

    marsey Winger

    Bloke avenges the murder of his wife and kid(s)(?)

    He's hard as nails and dead clever and without trying to spoil it, he kills someone with the use of a mobile phone which has a surprise inside it.

    Not a nice Kinder Egg surprise, though.

  2. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

    Law abiding citizen?
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  3. Randy Ostrich

    Randy Ostrich Striker

    Sister Act
  4. Rubberglove

    Rubberglove Midfield

    Love Actually
  5. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    Carry On Up The Kinder
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  6. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    The Punisher's basic premise is the wife and kids story.
    Could be one of the very below par films.
  7. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    That was my thought
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  8. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

    The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension?
  9. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

    Watership Down
  10. MarcoGoalo

    MarcoGoalo Striker

    Shagnastly and muttley greatest adventures
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  11. a1970man

    a1970man Midfield

    Jurassic Pork?
  12. The Raven

    The Raven Winger

  13. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Problem Child 2
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  14. AlpineExile

    AlpineExile Striker

    Young Frankenstein
  15. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Rita, Sue and Bob too.
  16. andy

    andy Striker

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  17. maygo

    maygo Winger

    John Wick
  18. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    Avengers Endgame. Sorry for the spoiler.
  19. C4RZY

    C4RZY Goalkeeper

  20. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    That sounds like some kind of horrific paedophile "comedy"
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