Where to stay in New York?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Norwich Red n White, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Shame that. Don’t let the U2 thing spoil your holiday though marra. It’s the greatest city in the world and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of stuff to do that’ll help you put it to the back of your mind.
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    My advice would be to look for somewhere close to Grand Central or Penn for ease of getting in on airport transfer. Plus you ideally want to be close to a subway station as you'll be doing a fuck load of walking.

    Stayed at the Affinia Shelburne a couple of times near Grand Central. Avoid the financial district as it's dead at night and takes a while to get anywhere.
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    I stayed here in October, nice hotel, Stella on draft about $8, better than the local gassy shite.

    This was the hotel we stayed st the last time, Lexington Avenue, canny hotel.

    First time we stayed at the holiday inn in the financial area, paid quite a bit more but was on 48th floor, had amazing views, one window looked straight onto the trade centre and the other looked straight over the river to New Jersey, the Colgate clock etc.

    Think the Lexington Avenue one was better situated
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    I stayed west 45th street,in-between 5th and 6th avenue and it was ideal.

    Seb nars fuck all about travel.

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    You're going off on another tangent now
    You do what you want but don't be surprised by millions who want to di the obvious in the biggest tourist traps in the world
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    Based on experience, this.
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  7. I rented an Airbnb in Nolita and it was class. 3 subways within 5 -8minutes walk, supermarket on the doorstep with cracking beers, loads of bars and restaurants nearby, and a canny few with $3 a pint happy hours too.

    paid £1,363 for a 2 bedroom apartment for a week, 3 BA flights from NCL- LHR-JFK for £996.
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    Don't get me wrong, that part of New York is a brilliant experience and is totally different to the other boroughs or to midtown. Most people will want their first experience to be the main sights and will only have a long weekend rather than 12 days. 12 days in midtown would be very expensive and the pace probably a bit too much and Brooklyn is a great choice for that sort of holiday.

    Union Ave to Times Sq (as an example) is half an hour on the subway though, including a change and is not walkable, hardly ten minutes to the heart of the city. Ten minutes to the lower east side perhaps. Anyway it's a drag I wouldn't want to take on holiday. It's like visiting Newcastle but staying in Sunderland and getting the Metro in. Not that Brooklyn is like Sunderland obviously although SR6 is very sophisticated.

    Like I say though a 12 day break is more conducive to a more relaxed break than a more typical crammed in long weekend where time is limited, so fair enough.
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    Plenty of cheap happy hours in Manhattan too tbf, supermarkets too iirc.
  10. So has the Bronx Marra,.

    On your first visit to NYC, unless you are a tight fucker, or are on a budget, the only place to stay is Manhattan.
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    Yep. After you've got a feel for the place then take your pick next time.
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    What planet are you on?
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  13. Brooklyn is good and cheaper. Holiday inn express times sq usually had deals on. just go on a price comparison site
  14. goldie

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    Vistited nyc few year back fir few days on way ti miami ti watch england me and 2 mates stayed opposite maddison sq gardens big hotel ex hilton i think wasnt bad price and was good location i thought...best thing we bought therw was a ticket to use the sightseeing bus hop on hop off..
  15. Blame Me

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    First time over I'd be stopping in Midtown, good calls for The ROW and The Belvedere or The POD, cheap/good enough and central to most of your needs. Your hotel is only going to be a simple place to sleep and freshen up so forgo spending a lot of cash on that.

    If you don't mind a ride in to see the sights, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Long Island City or Hoboken NJ should do you, not point going further tbh.

    Though living here, was in Brooklyn Heights now Bay Ridge, why dick around getting to the main bits on a shit transit system when if you stay in Midtown you can walk to just about everything.

    So much to choose from, depends on your budget and what you want to do when you are here.

    Enjoy your time here its class and fecking hot in the summer!
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  17. Cheers for all replies. Still looking at it and doing the research. Hotels seem more expensive than those prices mentioned on here but I guess it'll be summer and busy.
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    Did you have any issues with the 'security deposit' - quoted as $50 a night on the website ?
  19. AndrewP

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    Did you check hotwire?
  20. stretch

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    No, there was an easy use safe in the room, free to use

    Think I’d stay at Brooklyn next time we go, hog a nice feeling to it and it’s a great walk over the bridge into the city, especially when it’s getting dark.
    Some great bars/ eating places on the road upto the subway station too
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