Where to stay in New York?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Norwich Red n White, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. MackneyHackem

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    I was in Brooklyn loads on my first trip.

    Cos the digs were already paid for/provided.
  2. young hipster... Shoreditch twinned with Brooklyn. as a family trip withg peole under drinking age then Manhattan is pretty much all you need. I wouldnt be fussed with a whole week in Manhattan though.. as I said I'd use it as an opportunity to do somethign else too
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  3. MackneyHackem

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    FFS man I don't know anything about the OP's situation. Can only go on my own wants, needs and experiences.
  4. The Exile

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    Keep an eye on whether you have to pay the 'tourist supplement'. It can be a canny whack on top of your nightly costs.
  5. soapster

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    years ago my daughter and her friend went. I booked them an apartment in new jersey just of the tunnel. bus stop outside the apartments and apparently only 10 mins to the centre through the tunnel. was a very good price as well
  6. AndrewP

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    I've stayed in Long Island City before, one stop on the tub to midtown end of Central Park. Probably wouldn't have done it on my first trip though - first place I stayed was Hells Kitchen iirc. It works out cheap though.
  7. Another vote for staying near the sights. Don't want to waste time getting to Manhattan, be there and experience it.

    We stayed here. Can't get a link but I think it was Herald Hotel on Herald Square

    Clean bedrooms, private bathroom, free coffee on and off through day. Perfect location, from memory 33rd street near broadway £82/per night. Empire State is on 34th iirc. Two minutes from Macey's, Subway station within a minute's walk. Perfect for a first timer.
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  8. James

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    Williamsburg to Midtown is only 20 mins tops anyway. It should certainly be an option if it brings the cost down a bit and allows you to do more with your money. You're hardly ever going to be in the hotel anyway.
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  9. soapster

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    the girls liked it as it was an apartment ( think it had 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dinning area) so there was plenty of room and could have a separate room for privacy if they wanted it. plus it was so much cheaper. cant remember the name of it
  10. The Lotte is decent, if you stay in the towers then you have access to their private members club, it’s one of the most exclusive bars in NYC. Mrs B is into it as there was a tv series set there.

    The Beekman has just opened In lower Manhattan and I’ve heard good things about it. That would be a good location as you’ve the Bowery, TriBeCa and Brooklyn bridge all within a walk.
  11. DaveB

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    To save money Virgin Holidays and BA Holidays offer combined hotel and flight deals, so I got 4 nights in a Doubletree Lexington Ave with flights for two for about £1100.

    I would second this suggestion...decent hotel next door to subway short walk to Grand Central
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Never been but its fair to say you'll never do all you want to do .Most want to hit the spots take some pics for instagram and just take it all in,then if you never get back there you ticked the boxs.Getting under its skin is more of a task not everyone wants to do
  13. MackneyHackem

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    But why not? Been a few times and love it, will go back again.

    Nee point going on holiday to take photos. I know people who got engaged in New York having flown their specifically for engagement photos - why?
  14. mad cyril

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    I stayed in Chelsea on W30TH iirc. Next door to Penn station and Madison Sq Garden. Chelsea itself is a quieter district but excellent location for both mid town and lower town.
    I stayed at the Chelsea Star Hotel which is famous for where Madonna stayed when she first moved to Manhattan.

    Manhattan can be expensive so Brooklyn / Williamsburg would be my next shout. It's good for nightlife which may not be what you are looking for as your lads wont be able to drink.
  15. CherryHenry

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    Brooklyn is class. Stayed in Williamsburg the second time I went to NY and loved every minute. Cracking restaurants and loads to do. Was back there in November and spent a day in Bushwick. It's a bit rough around the edges but I love getting off the tourist path and seeing something different.
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  16. daedalus

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    Hyatt on Herald square? stayed there a couple of years ago. Like you say it's decent and close to all the touristy sites. Fantastic roof bar with the Empire State lit up above you. Also round the corner from Legends, where I watched us stuff the mags 3-0...was that really less than 3 years ago?
  17. MackneyHackem

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    Good lad. This lad knars. :cool:
  18. CherryHenry

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    Ahem lass :cool:
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  19. MackneyHackem

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    Wew, m’lady.
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  20. tunstallhill

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    we stayed there last summer for 12 days. it was awesome and in no way did the subway ride into manhattan bother us. it was class, took different routes each time, saw loads of stuff. spent loads of nights around Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn, spent most of the days in Manhattan.

    people need to differentiate when they say 'airbnb is illegal' - its illegal to rent a full apartment, but you can rent a room legally in someones flat as long as they live there. thats what we did and it was the best decision we made. the people were absolutely class and ended up meeting loads of locals by stopping in williamsburg. its less touristy and more chance of striking up conversations with people. also cost us less than half the price of a hotel. the money we saved we spent on doing stuff

    there is like. we found the night times better in brooklyn. more people out and about just drinking and chilling, bands, little bars, people getting on it and that :)

    manhattan is class for drinking during the day. stumbled into some right dives

    we stayed on Union Av in brooklyn and the journey across to manhattan was anything but a 'dick around'. was 5 minute walk and 10 minute on the train right into the heart of the city. got a 7 day unlimited use subway pass for $30 and we absolutely abused it. so easy to get around. not sure where you would have to stay to have a '2 hour schlep' to get into the city

    exactly what we did. went to some mad as fuck places in brooklyn

    depends what type of trip you want. we love to sit at a bar in a proper pub and talk to people, i can see how that might not be for everyone.
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