Where to stay in New York?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Norwich Red n White, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. MackneyHackem

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    Aye but surely if he typed in 'where to stay in new york' on google he'd get a load of results telling him to stay in midtown ffs.
  2. AndrewP

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    Aye, he probably wants some tips from people who have stayed there etc. I reckon for most first timers, staying anywhere in Brooklyn, nevermind Gowanus would be a little daunting and they'd probably spend more time knacking around getting to/from tourist stuff and being nowhere near their digs.
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  3. MackneyHackem

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    Depends how old the OP's lads are I suppose.

    Bedford Avenue to Union Square is three stops on the tube or you can use to Lyft to get about when it's late. Plus there's a fuck load of mint stuff to do and see in Brooklyn that you might not get round to bothering with if you stop in tourist central.
  4. kossoff

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    OP stay in midtown.

    Pod 51st or 33rd (I think the newer one is) are good for a budget, only stayed at 51st myself.

    If price is not an issue, The Pearl right by Times Square is brilliant.
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  5. MackneyHackem

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    Fair enough.
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  6. Harry Angstrom

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    Normally I'd agree but first time in NYC should just embrace it.
  7. Baghdad McBadLad

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    Yotel, near Port Terminal and Times Square - bang on the edge of Hells Kitchen. Spot on price and great hotel - very modern.
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  8. It would be our first visit there. Planning to do the usual tourist bits and sights... Hopefully a baseball game (need to check fixtures) so I was really just asking for a decent area as a base and any hotels or apartments anyone could recommend... Cheers for replies so far.
  9. which I class as midtown

    do 4 days new york then hire a car for a coupel nights away. get to Six Flags Great Adventure and alos the adjoining waterpark in new Jersey. you can stay down the shore at somewhere liek Point Pleasant.
  10. Beau Peep

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    Having lived in New York and been as a tourist subsequently, this is bad advice. The further you stay the more you'll spend all your time dicking around on the subway to the stuff you want to see. You want to walk it to enjoy it not have a two hours schlep to get to anything you want to see. I would say stay in Midtown between something like 10th to Lexington Avenues, between 23rd and 57th Streets.

    To save money Virgin Holidays and BA Holidays offer combined hotel and flight deals, so I got 4 nights in a Doubletree Lexington Ave with flights for two for about £1100. Tons of daily flight options, tons of quality hotel options. Think of it as being either the hotel is practically free, or the flights are practically free. Better than scrubbing around AirBnB for a shitty bedsit in Queens, spending a fortune on hour long subway rides, and paying full price for the flights.
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    I've stayed in Midtown a couple of times. The Iroquois on 44th between 5th and 6th Av is a cracking place. It's walking distance from Times Sq but yet quiet enough. Was decently priced too if I remember. The Upper West Side is a good area to stay but maybe a little far out if it's your first time. As others have pointed out Air bnb is illegal in New York - if you want a laugh go onto Trip Advisor and post something about renting one and you will get your head bitten off!!
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  12. kossoff

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    What ages and what's your budget? Do you mind hostels? Average cheaper end hotel is roughly $90-100 a night in NYC. Give us all more details and we can advise accordingly.
  13. AndrewP

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    Hyatt at Grand Central is nice and location is great IMO.
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  14. Ages were in the first post... 19 & 16, so no problem walking about to see places.
    Budget is variable... Just want somewhere decent, not too expensive but nice, and in a good location.
  15. Geronimo

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    Midtown is EXACTLY where he wants to be on a first trip
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  16. MackneyHackem

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    Reet you are.

    But I stopped in Midtown and spent all my time in Brooklyn because that's where all the stuff was that I wanted to do.

    OP hasn't said owt.
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  17. AndrewP

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    Have a look on www.hotwire.com and put in your dates. Some canny deals on there.

    Sounds daft, why did you do that?
  18. kossoff

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    Oops, skim read. I thought it was a holidays with your boys (mates) not kids. My bad.

    I think the main thing about New York is that you don't spend much time in your hotel room at all, besides sleeping. So for $100 or so a night (per room) I'd recommend looking at The Pod hotels. It's about as cheap as you will find for a well kept, clean, tidy hotel. The one at 51st (between 2nd and 3rd) has shared bathrooms (4 to a floor - with about 12 rooms total) with signs inside your room that show which bathrooms are vacant/in use. The bathrooms are spacious and have great jungle rain showers (with good water power and music playing from the roof speakers - gentle music like Corrine Bailey Rae, the first time I went). This location is great. Some great breakfast places and cafe/restaurants around 2nd street in that area, close to Central Park, close to subway stations, close enough to Times Square etc...

    The other Pod hotel has a rooftop bar with views and has private bathrooms in all/most of their rooms I believe. I haven't stayed there myself but given my experiences at the first Pod hotel, I imagine it's more of the same/improved feel for you. 39th is a great location also.
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  19. Geronimo

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    If it's your first trip to NYC you're not likely to spend much (if any) time in Brooklyn other than walking across the bridge
  20. I stayed at The Westin on 42nd Street, great location, we walked nearly everywhere, few nice Irish bars to have a beer on an evening and a decent hotel, just down from Grand Central station so you cant go wrong for transport.....
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