where has all the wa branch....eh????

Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by tootymackeminoz, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    and wazz.................
    WAT I MEANT TA SAY IS...WHERE HAVE ALL THE wa branch members gone?
  2. heroesof73

    heroesof73 Striker

    too much sun clearly :lol:
  3. Perthyltonian

    Perthyltonian Central Defender

    Deceased by the look of things
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  4. robfisk1

    robfisk1 Full Back

    No Im not.
    But was wonderin where everybody had gone. If this is a rally call for a meet up I good to go with a couple weeks notice.
  5. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    just lack of posts from branch members!!!!!unreal really........am up for a swally or 10.......
  6. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    Come out for the mags game then you lazy fuckers

  7. robfisk1

    robfisk1 Full Back

    Where do you suggest ? Will you turn up ?.
  8. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    If we could get the interest I suggest looking for a club/pub with a room upstairs or an area we can reserve.

    I think we need to accept some people have to travel

    Yes I'm in

    It's time to sort the branch once and for all

    I've done a branch email but it's the 2013 email so if anyone has a more recent list of members then feel free to resend
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  9. robfisk1

    robfisk1 Full Back

    There will always be the need to travel. But to meet up for games there seems to be very few places that can be used. Due to kick off times the casino seems to be the only place that can cover most of them. Its not my prefered venue, due to to security being a little over the top but unless we get active in finding some else it will always stay that away.
    The point I am trying to make, and Brian too, is that when we have tried to have a get together that does not involve a game the same four people have turned up. personally I enjoy the the company of the three others immensely, and will keep going while they do. Its just a pity others promise to meet up but never show. Surely the original idea of the W.A. Branch was to do more than watch 2 games a year together.
    Rant over.
    Happy to meet wherever, if available as I realise people do have other plans. ( Family etc).
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  10. Perthyltonian

    Perthyltonian Central Defender

    I agree Rob, me, you, Brian and Jeff have been let down. Love the crack and will continue to meet up. Up to you Stu to sort venue and rally.
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  11. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    wellsaid rob....

    yes ian love the craic when we meet up as far as im concerned the so called WA BRANCH is just a name all I really want is to meet up with fellow mackems and have a good sup with lots of craic
  12. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    I would think the purpose of a supporters branch is too support the team

    I'd like to see more frequent meets watching the games etc.

    That's clearly not going to happen. I have no real interest to pre season and end of season drinks etc but don't have a problem with you guys doing it.

    I think the time has come to stop with the global email as clearly there is no interest in keeping the group going

    Any match meet can be put on here and you guys can still arrange your own drink sessions.

    As the few who ever have anything to say what are your opinions

    My suggestion would be

    Request a up to date email list

    Make it clear the group will fold unless people reply/participate

    If the interest is there hold a meeting end of season, elect a chairman and organise the next year
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  13. robfisk1

    robfisk1 Full Back

    Stu your on the money with watching more games as a group, the question is still where to do it.
    The idea of meeting up for none game events can be done anytime anywhere. The idea of these events is to talk football. Talk about Sunderland and the places where we come from, as not all Sunderland supporters
    Were born there, I was born just down the road in Jarrow and lived in Hebburn.you would be supprised at the people we have met on some nights out and had the chance to tell them about the team we support and why. I would urge anyone who has any place in mind to be a good option for watching games to check it out to see if it could work. As it is possible it could become a place for casual meets as well.

    Lets get the ball rolling ( pardon the pun ) and get somewhere to watch a game mags or not. I will check out a couple of places this week and get back here and let you know.
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  14. SAFCDownUnder

    SAFCDownUnder Midfield

    Is the casino going to be full of Mags tomorrow? I went there for the West Ham game and didn't see anybody with Sunderland colours, but there were plenty of West Ham. Only other time I've been was for the League Cup Final and while we had a few there, Man City had a lot more. Maybe there's just not many Sunderland fans in Perth?
  15. Tom the Pom

    Tom the Pom Winger

    Not many Sunderland fans in Perth?! There are shitloads man, at least 120 in the branch but daft oçlock kick offs are nee good
  16. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    Tom I think your wrong there is no interest in this group.

    Global emails regarding mags game no real interest

    Daft o clock is no excuse every other team has a better turn out

    I'm not going to travel 90km round trip to catch up with 3 or 4 people when I can go to my local and spend taxi money on beer
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