Where does this repeated string refrain come from

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Monty's Double, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Jasper

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    They’re both descending i-v-III-i progressions which I imagine have been used plenty of times before.
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    OP said he was trying to remember where he knew the string refrain from which, I don't think unreasonably, I assumed meant he'd heard it before so not really a totally different concept. Fair enough if he just meant it reminded him of something else in which case everyone can be right! Even you. :lol::lol:
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  4. Slatz63

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  5. Sounds like the begining of Norwegian Wood slowed down.
  6. PTR

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  7. joemcdokes

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    It’s from some ska/reggae type track I’ll work it out when I get some motivation.

    Free Nelson Mandela

    Sorry didn’t see your reply.
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  8. PTR

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    Aye, its the same again. That's at least 2 that are close enough to be "the same" unless you break it down note by note.
  9. ajthemackem

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    I'll bet a bollock you're thinking of Chim-Chimney from Mary Poppins.
  11. Falconhoof

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    It reminded me of the start of Crossroads :lol:
  12. I thought it may be a movie or an old TV series.
    Yeah, it's not that. I was thinking of something more precise. Also, I've never seen Poldark or heard the theme tune, so I wouldn't be thinking of that.
    That's a good shout.

    That sounds like all the right notes to me. I did think that I had previously heard it on violin, though, like this song.

    Again that can't be where I heard it before because I've never heard of Major Lazer before, or this track.

    Maybe he got that sample from the same source.
    Well, it wasn't what I was thinking of.
    I see what you mean but no.
    That is what I meant. I may be mistaken mind.
  13. joemcdokes

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    Never heard this track till on here, went into work on lates, first song on the radio. :eek:
  14. Spooky - or the unyielding power of the SMB.

    But where does the violin refrain come from?
  15. daveyc

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    Is it the theme from Pipkins slowed down ?
  16. Pants

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    Is it not a bit of incidental music from a Bond fillum where he goes to the orient or sommat?
  17. joemcdokes

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    Just an edited version of the Free Nelson Mandela sample for me, other than that I’ve not heard it anywhere before.

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  19. divvydave

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    Sounds like something from an 80s/90s film. Had a look at Bad Boys and Commando but not them

    Also similar to but not the same
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