Where does the border lie ?

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I thought he was on about Wolsingham just wanted to check. I know where Wolsingham is I went to secondary school there when I moved from Sunderland at 11. Fully aware it's on the banks of the wear.

Now I must admit I have been away quite a while left for the army at 19 and haven't lived in the north east since.

However, from what I remember the area summed up Durham mags following Keegan and their offspring following.
I mean unless Wolsingham itself was an exception.
I get you lol, I'm from Crook, ex-Raf and was also away for 19 years, until I moved back :D


id suggest hebburn more black and white with it bordering Pelaw. Jarrow 50/50 then Shields more red and white.
4 x MLFs spotted in Viking Precinct Sunday morning, 0 x Mags. NE32 is Red and White😎😎😎
I wondered if a few marriages over the years have caused some divides between offspring. My brother married a girl from Wallsend and they have two sons (one Newcastle and one Coventry fan - dives for cover!!!)
She’s from Wallsend?

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You’ve got to remember pit families moved around the north east for work.
Apart from the Keegan influence that’s why you would get Mags in some of the old County Durham pit villages.
That’s why we have a presence in Ashington and Blyth.

Absolutely this.

In the early 1960's the Northumberland and the Durham Restructure Plans relocated lots of people living in decaying C19th pit villages and placed them in the "new towns" that are dotted around the region. These people had to be moved as they lived in dreadful conditions and the older pit that provided work for their communities' were worked out and closed down

The upshot of all this that the traditional geographical allegiances were thrown in to confusion as Mags were relocated to places and pits in Durham and vica versa. A prime example of this is Washington which when I was a boy was a quite pit village up the road from Southwick on the way to Newcastle.

Under the Durham Restructure Plan Washington was massively expanded in the late 1960's onwards and loads of Mags moved in. An old friend of the family who lived for many years in London but was born and raised in the old Washington could not recognise the place when he returned for a visit to his old home. Younger people will not be aware just how rapid the transformation of the North East was during the 1970's . It was a pretty grim place before then.

I thought it was hilarious when Washy was incorporated in to the City of Sunderland and all the Mags living there all became Mackems overnight. As if the culture shock of having electric lighting and an inside toilet had not been enough for them.

Still resistance is futile and they will be fully assimilated in a few years and all those nasty black and white shirts will be gone. Like us they will all learn to love League One and be able to say "Wee's Keeys are theees" and enjoy cheesey chips and blue pop.
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Can only speak about the place I was born, Consett. I’d say is now possibly 80-20 in the Mags favour. Yes it’s Co. Durham but geographically Newcastle is closer.

I will say this though at school despite being outnumbered all the Sunderland fans went to the games, the Mags on the other hand...
Hebburn Jarrow and South Shields are pretty much 50-50

That's what I would say as well.
Can only speak about the place I was born, Consett. I’d say is now possibly 80-20 in the Mags favour. Yes it’s Co. Durham but geographically Newcastle is closer.

I will say this though at school despite being outnumbered all the Sunderland fans went to the games, the Mags on the other hand...

If Consett is actually in Co Durham, how can Newcastle be closer?
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I know penshaw mags that have never been to St James Park yet and they're 25 or a similar age. Hate sunderland everything about the team/place etc. But they were born there live closer to there obviously and do their shopping there etc.
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Not really Sunderland and Newcastle(and a fair few miles north) cities are obviously near enough 100%, Gateshead 90-10 Stanley consett 70-30,Shields Washington Chester, 60-40 in favour of the mags,biggest loss for Sunderland was the Durham pit villages infiltrated by the filth in the 90’s and have been festering ever since!!! When I say these percentages half the gravy stain bastards think keegan is still in charge and big al still wears the famous number 9, have never stepped in side the sports direct, and do nothing to support the club except buy their toon top to be worn at any visit to Spain the airport and any event held in Sunderland!
@tooliohelmet and I are flying the flag in the Durham pit villages mate - there's a resistance.
Stood waiting for a bus in Washington once upon a time a gentleman at the stop with me said the only thing wrong with this area, to many mackems. Of course I put him straight.


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I have a Sunderland fan living right next door to me, I live in Gateshead, and it's the side of Gateshead that is close to Newcastle.. No issues to be honest, he moved there from Sunderland and I moved there from Newcaslte (well via another part of Gateshead first). Three doors down there is a Man United fan, he is an old timer and supported them since George best was there.. One of my local pubs is ran by a Sunderland fan too, I think.

I would imagine that both Sunderland fans and Newcastle fans living in mixed areas get on reasonably well, they most likely new each other growing up so are not stupid enough to have daft fights over which football club they support.

Back when I was a youngun too, there was a Sunderland lad living near where I used to live in Walker,, he had no trouble either,, although it was in the 90's and he must of been sick of his life with all the attention etc we were getting then.. I never saw him get into any bother though because he supported you lot.

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Curious to know where the unofficial border lies between Sunderland and Newcastle supporters and whether there is an area(s) where there is a '50/50' mix.
I assume it gets a bit fractious of an evening on match days in the borderlands ?!

I live in Jarrow and it's probably 60/40 mags in my experience but close enough to 50/50