Where do you think we will finish?


I'll give you an answer in January, it's going to one of those season where we could win the league or finish 12th, Saturday is the kind of results where even though we weren't fantastic we won 1-0 they are the games that make the difference, if you get 3 games in a row when you just get over the line with 3 points it starts to instill confidence if you concede late equaliser and throw away 2 points in those games we saw last season what a different affect that had on confidence, I really hope we finish in the top 2 to be honest I haven't got the fucking foggiest idea


Top two, comfortably. In spite of results, we've shown vast improvement under Parkinson, in spite of what people thought about Saturday. We're creating far more chances, pressing higher up the pitch and have kept our first clean sheets of the season.

We'll be in touch come January, (top four, at a guess) and will bring in a half decent striker, which is really all we're missing, as long as we can keep Watmore fit.

A couple more games under his belt and I think Connor Mc will start looking the business. Thought there were glimpses at the weekend.

Nowt to worry about.

agree. 2nd, miles clear of 3rd.
Depends who we sign and if we are still in contention in January. I hope we sign players early in January and don't wait until the deadline is ending to save sixpence.


Luton were 5th, Charlton 8th and Doncaster 9th this time last season so there’s no reason why we can’t finish in the playoffs or automatic places if we can finally find some form.
I genuinely feel we are lurching around in the transfer market. We are clearly not learning our lessons and our scouting setup is awful. Once we sort out improving our squad rather then weakening it well be fine, until then we are solidly a mid table league 1 club that has found its level.

The big hope is that our current manager brings something new to the club in terms of direction. It's a big ask.