When we scored our 90th minute winner against the Mags...

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Shirley Shammel

Central Defender
My tears of joy soon turned to tears of despair when I realised that our city was not big enough to have two universities like theirs. I was absolutely distraught by the time I had also realised that we did not have a China town to host our recent influx of Chinese students and instead had to hurd all the poor bastards into the Echo Building like the scum we are.


Full Back
I was just finishing changing my kid's diaper (nappy for most of you) and when I turned around, AJ scored! I started celebrating and my little one yelled 'they scored!' - made me proud
I was on flashscore checking updates, had 2% battery left, as I saw the score I jumped up in front of a stand full of horse racing punters with my SAFC scarf around my neck!

As soon as the score came in, boom battery went!

Aside from being pissed off that I had to work, checking the lads had won was bitter sweet!
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