When we scored our 90th minute winner against the Mags...

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Kipper, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. AgelessStranger

    AgelessStranger Midfield

    My brain couldn't celebrate as it had began to meltdown. When people now mention the win at the mags where Johnson scored, I will now really have to carefully think about which game they are referring to.
  2. mr chuckles

    mr chuckles Striker

    when Johnson scored that last minute winner at sid james park to make it 4 derby wins in a row I couldn't bring myself to celebrate it knowing that only a few weeks ago those 2 mega famous Newcastle supporting comic geniuses ant and dec picked up another tv award
    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! dam you pair of wankers for spoiling my sunday night
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  3. Wise Man Says

    Wise Man Says Striker

    I couldn't celebrate because ah just divvent undastand.

    CARLOS CLASS Striker

    I wasn't able to celebrate as too busy trying to keep warm as pitched into cold darkness by the vast shadow cast by our humongous neighbours.

    I'm afraid that despite a few wins we will never get out of the bleak darkness cast by our Barca like superiors and their super wealthy fans from Benwell, Cowgate, Wallsend and the LA of the north, Elswick

    It's a pity but we must accept our place
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  5. Smartie

    Smartie Midfield

    My celebration was dampened by the fact that a few years ago we had a manager that looked a little bit like a monkey.
  6. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    I desperately wanted to enjoy the moment but was tortured by the state of that railway station that those travelling supporters would return to on the Metro. How their spirits must have fallen as they returned from Newcastle International to Sunderland Central. They must have been crestfallen to see the attempt at art at Sunderland station and wished they had been born in the shadow of the Biscuit Factory.
  7. jimb

    jimb Midfield

    I didn't acknowledge the goal as everyone knows; it's the lowest of the low to score a counter attack goal against ' the great entertainers' newcastle united.
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  8. Linked like sausages, flabby and twisted. :lol:
  9. As the ball flew in, the mags heads dropped and all around me were exploding in scenes of unbridled, unrestrained emotion and blissful joy I remained silent as I recalled that it has taken us 4 matches against Newcastle to record a 9-1 aggregate where we previously did it in one, Gus out
  10. Is that a whoosh? Newcastle Mad was full of it for years until recently. Darlo Mag especially.
  11. Any joy was soon wiped out,when i thought about all those poor horses quakeing in their shoes.

    Love your avatar.
  12. The bitter Sting of tears?

    Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you.

    As Adam Johnson stabbed (Lee Ryder) the ball into the Geordies net I was overcome with an overriding sense of disappointment as I realised that none of our female inhabitants would ever be immortalised in print as "Fat Slags"
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  13. DH1 Mackem JN

    DH1 Mackem JN Winger

    I started to celebrate but realised it meant nothing as I could not insert the scoreline into their team name to make a hilarious pun :cry:
  14. Wise Man Says

    Wise Man Says Striker

    I couldn't celebrate as we don't have fans who are passionate enough to smash a city centre up after a cup final defeat.
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  15. I couldn't celebrate because even though I live beside the sea and go running on the beach, I live in a shithole and can only dream of living in Scotswood or Byker.
    I also realised we had only won because Mr Pardew had obligingly sent all his players up front to allow us to win.

    I stopped short of celebrating because I realised we had taken part in a poor quality match and the experts on Motd 2 wouldn't be impressed.
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  16. monty79

    monty79 Striker

    2 days have passed and I'm still unable to celebrate as none of our fans have ever stood on a boat upon the river Wear, stood outside the SOL with teenage girls all while signing a song about how great the city of Sunderland is and how nobody else in the country understands.

    These really are dark days, it must be from forever being in a 'shadow'
  17. Wise Man Says

    Wise Man Says Striker

    I couldn't celebrate as I've been to Milan but never saw a Sunderland strip while I was there.
  18. Tom Bobbins

    Tom Bobbins Midfield

    I couldn't celebrate our last minute winner due to the realisation that there was a gap in our trophy cabinet, as we didn't win the magnificent Texaco Trophy in the 70's.

    I am also gutted by the realisation that if thieves broke into the SoL trophy room, they would escape with more than just a black and white carpet (and the fact that that joke is crap)
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  19. willin'

    willin' Midfield

    I would have celebrated but what's the point when our pitch doesn't even have a slope like theirs.
  20. JonnyB

    JonnyB Midfield

    As the Sid James's Park onion bag bulged for the 7th time in 3 visits, I was gripped with a sudden sense of inadequacy and melancholy.

    We've never as a tribe been so prooood of wor toooon and wor club that we have felt compelled to throw petrol bombs at the supporters of London based clubs.

    This just sums up the difference between 'Nashunalistic' Jawdee' pride and our 'also ran' mentality. :cry: reaching for the razor blades.......
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