When we got promoted in 1990

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  1. My Left Foot

    My Left Foot Midfield

    I remember everyone shouting at the Swindon fans that they wouldn't be going up any way after the final whistle. I think quite a few knew they were right in the shit,
  2. SAFCDurhamFTM

    SAFCDurhamFTM Midfield

    Was there, in back row opposite Royal Box, couldnt see a thing so we were all sat in the aisles further down. Awful game, delerium when we found out.

    The following season, despite getting relegated was tremendous, favourite season ever going away. Thousands and thousands away at every game, fantastic support, non-stop singing by virtually everyone. And you didnt have to plan your trip 3 months in advance and like a military operation. It was often a case of someone volunteering to drive the night before, or being told there was a spare place on a bus the night before. Great days.
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    PISTON Striker

    it was definitely midweek because i was in glasgow sorting out some problems they'd been having in a nightclub. i remember the time very well.
    i thought a wednesday but somebody mentioned thursday. they could well be right.
  4. Monkeyspunk

    Monkeyspunk Midfield

    Nearly got yersel lynched in the tescos asking for bags i heard
    We had some cracking aways the following year as 14 n 16 year olds seeing us at places we had only seen on tv with elton welsby
    Never once to this day seen the play off final. Was gutted as we came out of st james n you said kid ya cannit gan to wembley cos ya in jormany playing footy but things turned out great in the end
  5. The Hunter

    The Hunter Central Defender

    I have to declare an interest here...I was personally involved in the Sunday People investigation so you don't have to be Holmes to work out my identity.... it took 10 months of solo slog on a fairly routine tip-off before we ran the first story. And then it snowballed....
    I was helped by two very brave (and concerned) Swindon employees who were horrified by what was going on inside their own club. They wanted the truth to come out but it took a lot of ferreting and cajoling to turn their tip and assistance into hard evidence.
    Never in a million years did I believe the work I was doing would eventually result in Sunderland (yes, my team, I'm a County Durham boy) winning promotion by default!
    The first story, as already correctly indicated, involved Lou Macari betting against his own side in the FA Cup (against Newcastle) - he and the chairman picked up five grand when they lost 5-0...an interesting scoreline as Swindon were riding high and Newcastle were struggling in the same (second) division.
    That was dramatic and emotive but what really did for them was the second part of my investigation which involved irregular (and illegal) inducements for players to sign for Swindon OUTSIDE the official contracts lodged with the Football League.
    What made this especially dodgy was the fact that Swindon would often use the then tribunal system which used the players' wages as a key part of the "multiplyer" equation to settle on fees when the buying and selling clubs could not agree terms.
    So Swindon would agree a contract back then with Player "X" for £500 a week but agree a secret side agreement (not seen by the League or taxman) for an additional £250 a week. Result: the player is valued at, say, £200,000 instead of £350,000 so Swindon can build a team in this way on the cheap, gaining an unfair advantage on all others in the league. Oh, and the taxman is defrauded as well! They signed and paid many players this way.
    Ultimate result? Swindon are relegated two divisions after their Wembley promotion - commuted to just one division on appeal - and Sunderland are promoted instead; their chairman, Brian Hillier, is jailed and Lou Macari, who had left Swindon by this point, is sacked by his new club West Ham.
    I was delighted, professionally, by the campaign we ran and, personally, I was down the White Hart pub in Fleet Street's New Fetter Lane raising a glass and a secret smile to the Lads.
    Happy Days? I'll say.
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  6. neil_safc

    neil_safc Midfield

    Class that like, what a great story it must have been to be involved in

    PISTON Striker

    well done bill fella, that is a good story.:)
    must've been a great feeling for you the night it was announced. can't be many fans who've single handedly won their team promotion. happy happy days.:lol:
  8. Absolutely excellent mate, giving journalism a good name.
  9. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    So, in theory, that whole season, although it ended in heart break at Main Road, was down to you and your colleagues. Top, top work Mr Bradshaw :)

    That's the one fella. We played them twice that year at The Baseball Ground, the 3-3 and the 0-6 in the Rumbelows Cup. Not a great hunting ground for SAFC that season
  10. Carino

    Carino Winger

  11. Bruce out
  12. Statto Junkie

    Statto Junkie Midfield

    Mate, only Monty and Porterfield etc have a better story to tell than that. Absolute class.

    *Glass raised* and a pint or 6 on offer if ever we meet.
  13. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Quality read, well done sir.
  14. Leon Solent

    Leon Solent Midfield

    Good read Bill.

    I remember meeting up with a few mates in Ikenham who'd traveled down for the match.

    We went through to Wembley on the tube with loads of Swindon supporters. They told us before the game that irrespective of the score, we were up.
  15. smoker

    smoker Striker

    Fair play fessing up to that.

    I do think they had a lot more one-off fans than us. If tickets were split 50:50 that would explain it. And yes, the pubs around Wembley were heaving with SAFC, before and after. A credit to the town, the team weren't.

    Cracking read. Gold rated this thread for this alone.
  16. The Hunter

    The Hunter Central Defender

    Thanks for that... yes, their fans knew the evidence was overwhelming but I confess I was on tenterhooks as football authorities have a habit of looking after their own. Not this time... I think they knew that they had to act.
    But I did feel for the Swindon fans. It was a shock for them and very much 'non football' reasons on the face of it. But, in truth, the club's shenanigans allowed them to build a decent team they could not have otherwise afforded.
    As for betting against your own side.... don't get me started!
    Just a shame Bob Murray & co pretty much looked this gift horse in the mouth. We all know what happened next.
  17. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    we didn't spend a bean after going up...... AGAIN ! :lol:
  18. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Same as 1996, go up with a squad which was never really equipped for promotion let alone staying in the Premier and our big signings were Tony Cotton and Niall Quinn who were both out injured all season.

    We were reliant on the prolific Paul Stewart to bag us the goals to keep us up. :oops:
  19. Leon Solent

    Leon Solent Midfield

    I agree with you. The fans we traveled in with were a cracking bunch and we all met up afterwards back at the pub in the middle of nowhere (Hen and Chickens in Ikenham). Four coach loads of them called in there thinking they'd be on their own. They walked in to find about a hundred Sunderland supporters had got there before them. You could cut the air with a knife, for about 5 seconds, then it was just a brilliant session. Mixed tables, swapping stories and the buses into Wembley were mixed. The pub put on a barby after the game and we all had a good chat before wending our ways north for most, south for me, west for the Swindon lads. Always had a bit of a spot for them since then. Abiding memory was being asked "How the f**k did you find this place?" Reply "We get everywhere.

    It really was a village green place and it had a great invasion that day. Sticks in my memory clear as day.

    Subsequent visits to Swindon, especially in KP's heyday were enjoyable except for the magic roundabout.

    Any plans to do Pop-master again? This stalking lark can be dull. :lol:
  20. Just me going through Bill's posting history being a nosey bastard?:lol::lol:

    Oh and why are you not on Sunday supplement no more mate?
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