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When we got promoted in 1990

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Gucci Massive, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. King Kareoke

    King Kareoke Winger

    We were completely outplayed - failed to score again

    But it was weird coming out of Wembley as Swindon were hardly celebrating - it was as if they new their fate
  2. Repoman

    Repoman Midfield

    If I remember correctly they were originally due to get demoted to the 3rd division but on appeal just went back into the 2nd. Tranmere would have gone up from 3rd to 2nd division in their place.
  3. JonnyB

    JonnyB Midfield

    Was working in Hampton Middlesex on the day of the decision.

    Got off the train at Fulwell station one stop before as i fancied a tab.

    Two black cats crossed the path right in front of me at the same time.

    Told when i got home what had happened. Not superstitious. Odd coincidence.

    Bob murrays reaction to this slice of luck. 350 on davenport. 350 on Bally. Another ch and we would have stayed up.

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  4. fab t

    fab t Full Back

    We played a half fit Colin Pascoe on the left if I remember correctly and we got tortured down that side.Only Bob bean counter Murray would have looked that gift horse in the mouth.We spent about half a mil on Ball and Davenport and expected to stay in the division with the Prem and a its millions on the horizon.
  5. rugga

    rugga Midfield

    Not forgetting buying Bryan Mooney midway through the season when we were crying out for a decent central defender
  6. Crayon

    Crayon Central Defender

    We could reminisce about the regrets, and justifiable they would be, but we had a hell of a ride that season. Some of our away games were those 'had to be there' days. Pulverising Spurs yet somehow drawing 3-3 sticks in my mind.
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  7. fab t

    fab t Full Back

    Dont think I went to match that season,still sulking.
  8. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Remember being 3-0 up away at Derby only to draw 3-3, weirdly one of my favourite seasons following Sunderland
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  9. rugga

    rugga Midfield

    Same for me as well, maybe because I only started going to games on a regular basis from 1986 onwards (with my paper round money!) and this was my first season watching us in the top division
  10. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    It was a Thursday evening when it was announced i was working in Scotland and the son of my landlady came up and told me to put BBC2 on,they were live outside Roker Park and when it was official i went fkn mental,got changed went out and got fkn ratted.

    I was at that one,we could have lost in the end,did Dean Saunders get a hat trick in that one?
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  11. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    I was at the final and Swindon were a cracking team, we played shite (again).
    It was great at school when it was announced, all the mags were gutted as they finished above us :lol:
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  12. smoker

    smoker Striker

    The Geordies thought they should have got the nod for finishing third. Made for a very entertaining Look North that night. Coming on top of the 2-0 semi-final win at their place. We were poor in the final though, well outplayed.

    Good call that. Remember loads of people on our coaching shouting 'cheer up man you won'.

    There was a Sunderland lad in tears outside the turnstiles, he got pelters off our lot.

    Is it my imagination or did they get more tickets than us? Seemed that way on the day, we were mostly daft lads who had saved up the vouchers and queued round the car park, they had every man, woman and child from Wiltshire.
  13. Statto Junkie

    Statto Junkie Midfield

    Greatest line in a song ever. :-D

    Think I'll get that on a T-shirt like. That and "I went to Wembley in '85, '90, '92 and '98. The first 3 times we didn't score a goal. The 4th we scored 10 and still lost." :lol:

    Thought it was in Sex n Chocolate?
  14. Twisted

    Twisted Striker

    cracking that like
  15. Pete B

    Pete B Striker

    IIRC the Rolling Stones played at St James Park later on in the summer and Look North did some vox pops outside. They collared one bloke and asked him if he'd had a good night; he replied yes, nearly as good a night as when Marco beat them in the play offs
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  16. SAFCOldie

    SAFCOldie Striker

    It must have been a Saturday it was announced, because big Des Lynam telted me by words of breaking news on BBC sport. Me & me mates were on the local climbing frame making bellends of ourselves within minutes :) Fantastic day, at the time as a 15 year old, it was probably the best day of my life.

    No, it was about an even split, but we had a canny few in their end apparently. I think your view might have come because they all (women, family types etc) turned up at Wembley really early to make the most of the day , when our lot were still in the boozers ;)

    :) :)

    Des Lynam definetly spelt it out, was thinking he could only be on TV on Saturday but thinking back it could have been after one of those world cup preview shows, definetly late afternoon'ish.
  17. SAFCOldie

    SAFCOldie Striker

    Fukcin hell, must read all thread before posting :)
  18. elder

    elder Striker

    yep, i was in the pub (in deepest, darkest dorset) and gave a massive "Gerrrrrin" before he managed to get the whole statement out...

    it went something like.... "and sunderland have.... (massive Gerrrrrrin from me) been promoted to Division 1....
  19. CollingwoodFTM

    CollingwoodFTM Striker

    According to their website, it was ten days after the play off final.
  20. Crammers

    Crammers Striker

    That may well of been me, I was 15 and rat-arsed, they served us at the Tesco's at the bottom of Great Central Way, Strongbow 1080, about 12 bottles of it. I could barely find the coach after the match.
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