When we got promoted in 1990

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Gucci Massive, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Gucci Massive

    Gucci Massive Striker

    Through Swindon being found guilty of financial misconduct, how did it unfold?

    I was only six years old at the time so my only interest in football was having a kick around in the playground at school.

    I vaguely remember the hype around the play off semi and then learning through my Dad that we had lost to Swindon at Wembley, but that's all I remember.

    Was it announced soon after the Wembley defeat that we were going up or was there a while in between? How did the news about it break?

    I can imagine this place would have been going mental if it had been around then. :lol:
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  2. neil_safc

    neil_safc Midfield

    At the Gabbiadini/Hauser talk-in before the Mags game, Marco insinuated that Bob Murray knew before the game was played that is was going to happen and we'd be promoted anyway
  3. Ooh, look at me I'm still in my 20's

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  4. Mid June rings a bell for me when it was announced.
    No net back then, no news channels.
    I heard it on the radio and phoned a mate who had teletext and asked him to confirm
  5. Randy Ostrich

    Randy Ostrich Striker

    Same age as me. As I understand it, Swindon were promoted but then relegated before the season for some kind illegal payments scandal or "financial irregularities". Newcastle wanted to take their place having finished third but as losing play-off finalists, we were awared the place instead.

    EDIT: bit more here. Older posters like TopCat may be able to confirm...;)

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  6. Randy Savage

    Randy Savage Winger

    I'm sure I read that even on the day of the Playoff Final there were strong rumours about what was going to happen.
  7. IIRC Sheffield Wednesday played up too as they said they should avoid relegation???
  8. Sheff Wed thought they had a claim too as relegated in 3rd bottom place from Div 1
  9. I was in the Five Mill Wands in Bensham when the decision was announced and I Just shouted "FUCKING YES! , we'd just finished a job and we'd called in there on the way home. I was dancing all over the fucking bar, it was full of mags and they were seriously pissed off.
    There were only 3 of us and I was the only Sunderland fan, the lads practically dragged uz out. :lol:
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  10. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor Striker

    I think it was about couple of weeks after the final that it was announced Swindon were to be demoted, then there was a couple of days while the Football League decided who would take their place in the top flight.

    I found out we'd been promoted on Ceefax page 150, breaking news thingy. :lol:
  11. PISTON

    PISTON Striker

    i can remember exactly where i was. it was midweek on a summer night, possibly a wednesday.
    i was in glasgow just about to go to work at the cotton club. the sound was off on the telly but i saw the club badge on the bbc news. i got to the remote control and danced around the hotel room like a f**king madman when i found out.
    it was great at work that night. happy f**king days.:lol:
  12. Pete B

    Pete B Striker

    weren't the club opening the new shop in Jacky whites market on the day it was announced?? I can recall Smithy being interviewed with a glass of champers in his hand
  13. Bamber

    Bamber Winger

    living in Swindon, whenever I tell people I'm a Sunderland fan all I hear is 'oh play-offs 90 we destroyed you that day'

    I reply simply with 'who went up?' :cool:
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  14. It was a shame no-one told Bob Murray we'd been promoted
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  15. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

    they did mind ! its one of the most one sided games iv'e ever witnessed :lol: they battered us
  16. Bamber

    Bamber Winger

    I always argue against that though, winds them right up! :lol:
  17. wilberforce

    wilberforce Winger

  18. I was 13 at the time and I seem to recall finding out whilst Argentina were playing the Soviet Union during Italia 90.Not sure what the exact date of that match (Or my memory has got that wrong) was but as a previous poster mentioned it was definitely midweek.
  19. Monkeyspunk

    Monkeyspunk Midfield

    I was in lambton street youth club after footy training when it was announces swindon would be denied promotion. Wasnt announced who would take their place at the time but we were all jumping about. Our coach said it might not be us who goes up. We all knew
  20. Greavsie

    Greavsie Winger

    Was 9 and I can remember them discussing it during a WC match build up. Hill and Lynam IIRC. Not recall which game but remember running round me mates in me full kit to tell him :lol:
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