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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Demons Run, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Just finished watching this. I'm too young to remember it (was 5 at the time) and hadn't heard of it since, learning about it for the first time it's amazing how shocking it is. Not sure attitudes have changed as much as you'd hope in the intervening years either. Thought all the actors, especially the ones depicting them as kids, were brilliant. Although some of it is hard to watch one of the saddest bits for me was seeing how hard it is for someone who has served their time to get a job and stay on the straight and narrow, no wonder reoffending rates are so high! Glad they got such a big settlement, although you really can't put a price on going through hell when most are having arguably the best years of their lives
  2. Iballistic George

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    Just got to the end of episode 1. Fukk me the cops just wanted to arrest someone anyone. I had no idea about this as was 15 at the time which is the same age as those lads and I was more interested in playing footy with my mates
  3. maygo

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    I was out wilding at that time, running riot round the streets of SR5
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    Finished it last night. Thought it was really good and obviously horrific for them boys getting stitched up like that.

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