What's the oddest thing you've ever found in your house that you didn't put there?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by janiep, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. :lol::lol:

    Can't argue with that like.
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    old PA system in the loft
  5. Teed

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    Not in the house, but in the back garden, while digging out for new drains, I found an Anderson shelter buried with a motorbike in it.
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    You had a smell didn't you? ;)

    Of every pair :D
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    How dare you ! :)
  8. My moggie caught three mice one night. Nothing unusual with that, except they were all different sizes and he'd arranged them in ascending order of size next to his food bowl.
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    That’s class that is. I once worked in a large Manor House next to wooler, there was a massive dome in the middle, on the outside of the dome was the signatures of every trades man that had built the house. The owners invited anyone who was working on the house to add theirs to it. Great bit of history behind the house(and yours).
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    Once owned a fifteenth century house - sounds grand, it wasn’t: small but very special. Anyhoo had to replace part of an original wall (all like for like listed building stuff, all done the original way), and when the wall came out I found six oyster shells neatly stacked up. We reckoned after a lot of debate it was the lunch of a medieval chippy.
  11. That house was mint. Except when it started to fall down, like.
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    Aye. Happy days.
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    Nice find that.


    About as old as his act
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  15. George Kaplan

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    A sense of quiet desperation.
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    I bet they were blind as well.
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    Years ago I went upstairs and saw my border collie standing on her hind legs looking in the sink. I assumed she was trying to lick drips off the tap or some shit but went over to get her down there was a strange cat sitting in the sink. They were just staring at each other.

    A few months later I saw her sitting in the yard with her paw on something, I went to see what it was, it was the same fucking cat quite happily lying on its back with Jet sitting there resting one paw on its belly. They both just stared at me... It was fucking weird like...

    Oh I just remembered another. I got up for a piss after a heavy session and banged into a men at work sign. I seriously have no fucking idea how it got there. I hope to fuck I just nicked it when I was pissed and can't remember doing it. For all I know I may have been drugged and gang raped by the men at work boys and that was their calling card.
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    My mate used to write football predictions on the other side of the plasterboard when tacking walls or ceilings. Thing was they were always predictions that had already happened. He'd just date his predictions to about ten years earlier. IE: "I riffraffs marra on this day 12/11/2005 hereby predict that by the year 2025 Leicester City will win be champions of England".
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