What's the oddest thing you've ever found in your house that you didn't put there?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by janiep, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. janiep

    janiep Striker

    Following on from @Kevj 's thread about his baffle pipe, what's the oddest thing you've ever found in your house or flat that you didn't put there?

    Haway there must be some good 'uns out there.
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  2. Fetch Fletch

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  3. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    I came home one day to find a little lass in my house. She saw me and ran for the kitchen. I chased her shouting "Oi!".... anyway, turned out it was actually a ghost so no harm done. She never came back.
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  4. Baby's bottle under the settee.
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  5. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

  6. Sima

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  7. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Not mine house but a job I was on I found a Nazi officers flare gun in the loft.
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  8. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    I'm not even joking. :lol: vWhen I got to the kitchen there was nobody there.

    It's possible I hallucinated or some shit like but idk. Was well weird.
  9. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Did you look into it and find out anything ?
  10. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    Nah I just brushed it off as my imagination.
  11. An accordion.
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  12. Are you sure?

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  13. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Bought our house and pulled out an old gas heater. Found an ice cream cornet in the hearth. I assume a bird dropped it down the chimney.
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  14. You have female roofers in that there London?
  15. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    The alternative is that I'm living with the ghost of a 10 year old girl. Fuck that. I'd rather just live in ignorance thank you very much. :lol:
  16. Gil Gunderson

    Gil Gunderson Goalkeeper

    Found a drunk deaf bloke in my hallway one night. I had been down pub and forgot to lock door when got home. Went on bog then went to go bed and there was this bloke just standing there. Threw him out in street and he started booting cars and got arrested.
  17. janiep

    janiep Striker

  18. 5underland

    5underland Central Defender

    Found a paper written for Cambridge University on the sustainability of the coal field under the north sea. It was written in the 50's by the first owner of our house, he was a mining engineer. We found it under the floor boards, it's in pretty good condition, a few pages are stuck together and brittle. We've put it in an envelope, if we ever move out we'll leave it for the next owners of the house.
  19. Dagzd1973

    Dagzd1973 Midfield

    How did you nar he was deaf? :lol:
  20. Gil Gunderson

    Gil Gunderson Goalkeeper

    Couple weeks later down pub he came in and I went to lad who runs pub that’s the bloke who was in my house that night. He was told me he’s deaf and comes in often. Pub that is not me house.
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