Whatever happens at Wembley it’s been a good season

It's amazing how 1 game will, in most people's eyes, be the difference between a great season and a terrible season.

Modern day football, fine line between these 2 scenarios.
It's not really such a fine line though is it, marra? It's arguably more a question of understanding. Luck plays way more part in football (and life) than some are prepared to accept.


It will be the difference between job done and failure IMO
There's failure and then there's FAILURE.

Season before last we came bottom of the Premiership, worst team in the league and 17 points from staying up! Now that was a massive failure.

Last season bottom of the Championship, worst team in the league. That was spectacular failure.

This season, if we do miss out in the final, then, sure, technically we'll have failed to achieve what we hoped for. By the slenderest of margins. But it would also be progress and a platform to build on.

There's always some dumbass parent who will berate a child who's worked hard all year, because they only came second in the class. And didn't they tell little Alfie, that he should be aiming to be top?

Surely Sunderland fans can recognise that failure ain't completely black and white.


He has given himself a second chance has JR. lose and I will be baying for blood, win? Second chance will be granted and I will give him a clean slate as if it was day 1. How this proceeds from here, Mr Ross, is up to you.


Get what you're saying mate but I'd still get rid. I know that we now won't get rid however we have underperformed performance wise in a lot of games & I haven't seen much in terms of development from the younger players.

john h

Knives being sharpened already (if we fail at the final hurdle) by some of the above replies.....all about opinions I suppose...


I agree it's been a decent stop the rot season.

But lose at Wembley and there is going to be hell on again.

If many of the posters are true to their word from a few weeks ago then Wembley won't sell out.