What would do more damage?


If you were just stood at the bus stop and Tyson sneaked out from behind the billboard and blindsided you with his hardest punch, your eye socket will be shattered, possible detached retina, or your jaw disintegrates and you lose your teeth. Could end up with upper spinal injuries meaning your neck is knackered forever. Potential for real life changing injuries or death.
Faldo would cause huge damage but repairable in comparison. It'd be much more surgical with Faldo. Accurate and swift.
:) :) Superb analysis.

Dave Herbal

I can’t believe anyone would choose Faldo. Getting your teeth knocked out with a golf club or taking one punch?
Tyson probably wouldn’t even knock most people out. You’d just have a sore head or possibly minor fractures.
Bieber seemed to recover fine when Sheeran did him in the face with a golf club. Granted Faldo will be a much harder swing than ginge but also more accurate so less collateral damage? But I'm still going Tyson - just put me out clean.

Goat Eyes

I’ve only been slyed once and I didn’t die so that’s the basis of my scientific research.
Never been done. Shan thing to do.
I once got clocked in the shins by a rogue ball on a golf course and that f***ing hurt enough. I opt for neither please 🤣
You’ve just reminded me, I got a golf club right across the knee cap when I was a young’en. It fairly smarted but I was walking no bother after an hour.


I think I'd favour Faldo, as I reckon it's probably a broken jaw in either scenario, and loss of teeth.
But think Tyson is probably gonna break my neck as well, or cause severe brain injuries.
Think Faldo might be more accurate and only leave me needing reconstructive surgery just to the jaw.

2 months down the line I'd probably be in better condition from Faldo than Tyson
This defo needs a poll. I m with you re. Faldo.