What will kill off mankind?

A failure of IT systems or power infrastructure which is needed for said IT systems.

Nerds used to be figures of fun but they've played the long game and now the world is totally dependent on them.
Ultimate revenge on the bullies calling them four eyed freaks, brainiacs etc


In one generation it has gone from my dad, who could turn his hand to anything, to me who is utterly useless at anything that would help out in adversity.

I find that works both ways. I'm absolutely shite at DIY (dad isnt a handy man by any means, but still way better than me). However they need my help with anything tech related


I do wonder if there will ever be an incident that would incapacitate all I.T systems and the consequence of this.

With the exception of 3rd world countries, pretty much everything is automated to an extent now.
Food will grow, but we’d struggle to distribute it and without access to real cash, hyper inflation for basic foodstuffs would take place.

No or a significantly reduced medical service.
Over the past 60 years or so, science has developed birth control methods, all the medication involved has to go somewhere when passed through the body.
Straight into the water system, overtime it will become more concentrated, you are what you eat or drink in this case.

That is my theory, I've got no sperm and have done my job so don't really care though.


Very hard to fathom mate I don’t know why this isn’t being talked about more tbh, where do we go from there? Some type of clones? AI?
I reckon complacency is why it's not talked about. It could be one of those things that sneaks up on us very quickly.

Great! Can't sleep now!


Geomagnetic storm. The last big one hit us in 1859 (The Carrington Event) and wiped out the telegraph system. A similar one today of the same magnitude would probably cause our electricity system and supply to be severely damaged for years if not decades.