What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Brian Griffin, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin Winger

  2. Some fablon to cover my kitchen units.
  3. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    Razor blades.
  4. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

  5. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

  6. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    A high pressure cycle pump.
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  7. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Same here. Well kindle versions
  8. 10lb Maxima Chameleon fishing line.
  9. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

    An aquadoodle for the bairns birthday
  10. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    Whatever it was it would have been a long long time ago. Probably a book.

    Won’t use them until they pay their fair share of Corporation Tax. There are several competitor companies (who do pay tax on UK sales) who offer equally good derived af competitive prices.

    We all benefit from the tax they put back into the system.
  11. TK-421

    TK-421 Winger

    Amino acids
  12. Kevsgreat

    Kevsgreat Striker

    Got paid Monday gone so I've gone crazy and ordered some stuff to run ethernet cabling upstairs at home and a new mug for work.

    I know, I know, look at me etc.
  13. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone Midfield

    Bone broth.
  14. Mickdundee

    Mickdundee Central Defender

    A new temperature probe for the gadget I use to monitor/maintain the fermentation temperature on my home brew
  15. chevvies

    chevvies Midfield

    HP 301 ink cartridge.
  16. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

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  17. chevvies

    chevvies Midfield

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  18. No but I wish I had now just to piss Tanya off :lol:
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  19. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    Guardians of the Heart Machine by Seamus Blake Vinyl LP
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