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What type of car do you drive?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by stephen cartwright, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. MooBaaOink

    MooBaaOink Striker

    A red one.
  2. A hairdressers car, so i'm told. One with a surprisingly need hole, the size of a golf ball punched through it. An additional feature Mrs. R decided to add while reversing, t'other day. selotape job.
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  3. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    Great car mate.
  4. Dick Fitzwell

    Dick Fitzwell Midfield

    Thanks pal.
    Car sounds gash though
  5. Rare that mind, was it an optional extra?
  6. Discovery Sport
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  7. Get yourself a Focus RS... I can guarantee the smile won't leave your face as long as you're in the seat. Even if you come out of it at high speed you'll still be smiling :D

    Better than the Abarth anarl ;)

    Aye the new ones have a certain look about them can't put me finger on it but they're smart
  8. Insurance and price tag will be astronomical. There is two second hand for sale at Lookers Ford and the cheapest is £29,890. The other is £31,290. Doesn't it have the same engine as the Ford Mustang? Someone at work does actually own one. But most of the high-performance Fords are always ST's which I think offer decent performance but is a lot cheaper.
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  9. What do you discover and what sports do you do with it?
  10. Norma Stitz

    Norma Stitz Full Back

    14 yr old Toyota Yaris - absolutely love it
  11. I think so, apparently it's getting fitted to the new Defenders as well :lol:

    The drift button alone would have me at the track every other day
  12. If I did want an ST which of the ST range should I go for? ST-Line, ST-2 or ST-3? Isn't there an ST200 also?

    I was thinking about that one too. The guy who I work with in the same cell (not actual cell as in prison cell but section of the assembly line I am on) has a previous generation Type R and he is even more fastidious about it's care than I am about mine. In fact he recommended something called a Woolly Mammouth which is a car towel that is a million times better than a Chamois at getting the sheen on paintwork without any streak marks. He swears by it. And I can see why. It (the car) looks awesome when sparkling clean. Like a brand new car. Yet it is a few years old now. Can't get over the lack of rear view through the rear windscreen though. I would get an older one than the new one every time even despite the lack of rear visibility. The new one just doesn't get good marks in a few areas on What Car.
  13. A car is like a pair of shoes mate, it's all about you.

    Test drives are there for a reason as well don't buy a car without having a go of it first. If you get really bored one day you could schedule in a few test drives, get yourself out in a C63 for breakfast, dinner time have a go of an RS and on the evening see if you can get yourself in an Aston ;)
  14. gizmoganzee

    gizmoganzee Striker

    They do sound of the Miltec exhaust ........mint and the position.

    Enough power for me and I don't care about economy and would be a canny step up from my current relic.
  15. Bielefelder

    Bielefelder Central Defender

    Aren't Fords a bit shit though? The RS is a monstrosity IMO
  16. I'm not a car expert like, I've had Fords/Hondas/Vauxhall/BMW/Mercedes. Everyone I know reckons ford is the most stable, Vauxhall are like cheap lego, Honda can be bulletproof, and the obvious of German.

    The RS is a demon
  17. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    The RS isn't all that mate, it was a toss up between the Type R and the RS for me, sitting in the RS is like sitting in a normal Focus.

    The Type R is everything the RS should look like, I get in my Type R everyday and grin like a child. :lol:
  18. FriendlySoul

    FriendlySoul Central Defender

    I've just ordered a Mercedes E220 - I'm excited, but part of me feels like I've officially hit middle age (which I have like)...:lol:
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  19. Zig81

    Zig81 Striker

    I've just sold my Q5 and gone back to a hot hatch and I'm not a young lad! :D
  20. daveyc

    daveyc Midfield

    Audi 3.0 V6 Cabriolet - drinks fuel and is fairly swift. Proper mid-life crisis car though.

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