What the hell happened to Christian Benteke?


He was always a bit clumsy and awkward, but he used to score goals regularly. Then all of a sudden in 2017, he just stopped scoring - almost completely. He's scored 4 goals in his last 60 games for Palace, and they paid 30m+ for him. They've been well and truly 'Rodwelled'. Is it really just down to confidence?


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Was never the same after the injury
Was fine after the injury incurred for us?

Not convinced he was a Liverpool type player, which was the start of his fall fro grace.

I was speaking with a Crystal Palace fan the other week, before we played them and he told me Ayew might score (which he did) but Benteke had no chance of scoring.

He seems to have gone backwards. With us, he was head and head with Lukaku for the Belgium spot -Now he seems to be 4th choice for Palace.


Like that Cisse lad the mags had. Went through a phase where it would bounce near him and go in. Then the ball realised
He had a ridiculous few month spell when he signed for Newcastle and scored about 12 in his first 10, but he wasn't a good footballer and was mostly shit for the majority of his time of there. His Newcastle career was really in little patches, season to season and even week to week. My mate had a ST at Newcastle for a few years, and he said that Cisse would score the winner one week, and the next week he looked like he somebody who'd won a raffle to play, and didn't understand the rules of the game or how to kick a ball.


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He had a cracking first season, scored 17 goals in all competitions, then injuries and a lack of confidence after missing a couple of sitters and taking the penalty ball off of Miliojevic. And missing.

The club tried fucking him off to China in the summer but he refused to go.