What make of Jeans do you wear?


Yeah, I am what I am. I used to go to the gym but realised gyms were for inadequates who lack self esteem
If you are overweight and unfit it would be foolish to wallow in that and not look after yourself 🤷🏻‍♀️
I'm assuming you're doing something in that way without going to the gym.


If you are buying your jeans from ASDA for any reason other than cost then you've simply given up imo.
Asda black jeans slim fit are as good as other makes I've tried. Granted I've never spent more than 25 quid but if I spend 50 or 60 I'm sure I would see a difference like.


Three years ago I was running 18 -20 miles a week until my ankle snapped.
Maybe should have concentrated on dropping the weight first huh?

Sorry that was cheap. Couldn't resist.

If it were easy there'd not be such an obesity crisis.

You are killing yourself if you don't manage it better though so don't give up 👊


I love the Levi’s skateboard jeans. The denim is more like the quality of old rather than the inferior crap Levi’s use now.