What make of Jeans do you wear?


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Got All Saints on all the time at the mo

Dunno why. Cos they're skinny and ripped

Haven't quite decided if a 43 Yr old in skinny ripped jeans looks like a twat as yet but am going with it

Quinns Disco Kegs

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Love 501s me like. Got a pair for £25 from Amazon the other day before the deal ran out (was thinking of buying more).
Perfect fit, shape and feel. None of this skinny jeans shit like the younguns wear.


YSL regular fit is my choice. Wore jeans for years but never actually found the nice to wear. About 10 years ago marra gave me a pair of YSL 32's he had never worn, and while a bit tight round the waist at first the rest of the fit was top notch.
I found them as comfy to wear as a pair of shorts, fucking expensive gear like, I'll admit to having bought a couple of pairs 2nd hand over the years, £300 for a pair jeans to wear at work under your overalls is a bit of a waste.
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