What make of Jeans do you wear?

French Connection, ASOS and Edwin have been my last few, you can get some nice ones for £30-£40.

Many of the £120+ brand jeans (Boss, Stone Island, Hilfiger) look really dated imo.


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Didn't know they did jeans. The chinos are a good fit so will give them a go
Yer they make really good stuff, think I had en email saying they’re doing Japanese denim too now. The plain t-shirts are good quality too. Hard finding a leg length for me


Do you wear an eclipse jacket as well?

Their cuts vary massively. Find the number that fits and stick with it. I have to check everytime I buy a pair like.
Used to shop a lot in Ciro Cetterio back in the day in the metro
Quality Italian gear

Shelley Levine

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What’s the hiut like mate ? Was tempted to go for a pair of the slim R but have a very poor success rate with buying jeans online !
They are good jeans. Been wearing them for about eight years. Bought quite a few pairs, maybe half a dozen, starting off with the organic cotton ones, then getting the selvedge ones. Bought some of the short run releases.

I wear the slim R ones. They aren’t dead skinny or anything. I wear a 36 and they are
fine. Hold their shape well too. I would say the sizing is genuine.

I did get one pair of their’s - a short run using Italian selvedge. Bit disappointed in them, denim feels a bit loose. I think the pockets are a bit low lying but that might just be me. But definitely worth a look.


Diesel. Only because they do a particular wash colour that I can't find anywhere else
Only wore Levi’s and nothing else for years but last couple of years I love dark Hollister Jeans, not skin tight but not flared, dark blue not black, think I look smart in them. TBH I only normally wear shorts 👍