What is your worst case scenario?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Baloo, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. :lol:;)
  2. Kevsgreat

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    Didn't want to shit on the plane before because I knew it would be bad, so I left it but my guts started getting really bad, all the way coming in to land I've never felt discomfort like it. Like my body was rejecting my own anus. Think I would have had to shit on the tarmac if they'd had sent that stupid fucking bus thing out after we got off the flight. I'd never really given being caught in a situation of needing to shit but not being able to much thought before that. Now I go before I get on the plane.

    Maybe I should go before I get in a lift too.

    As for my own worst case, there's loads of really morbid stuff, but sometimes when our lass goes out and the bairn is in bed so I can't go to the shop I think about how bad it would be to only have cider in the fridge should I fancy a drink.
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  3. LondonMackem

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    Being in a nightclub and needing a dirty turnout is pretty bad. You basically have to do this

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  4. Is that Grant Mitchell?
  5. Tex

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    Dunno about you like but when I go to the bog I prefer to leave the shit behind rather than take it.
  6. LondonMackem

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    I have no idea who Grant Mitchell is, but yes.
  7. My most terrifying nightmare is dying.
    I know this probably everyones but in my case my 17 year daughter is disabled and I do absolutely everything for her. From spoon feeding her, changing her nappies, bathing her, getting her dressed, etc, etc, she can't do anything for herself.
    The thought that kills me most inside is that when I do die she won't understand and she will just think I have deserted her :cry: It makes me feel sick just thinking about it but there is not a thing I can do to stop it happening.
  8. Sheldon_Cooper

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    Fuck me, that is so sad!! I wish I could think of something to say that wouldn't sound trite and meaningless :cry:
  9. It's this fella.

  10. lenshack

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    That's more like a most weird case scenario.
  11. janiep

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    She might not mate. Maybe at some level she'll know it's not your fault?
  12. LondonMackem

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    Ahh THE Grant Mitchell :lol: and that gif is one of the best ever made, thanks for posting it again as I haven't seen it in a while :lol:
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  13. No7

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    Had a shite at Creamfields the morning after the first night...Me knob touched the inside of the bowl.

    I have never felt nausea like it. Ever
  14. ErichZann

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  15. LiverBird

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    Posting on a a forum of the football team I support but realise its actually a Sunderland forum

  16. Having to bury one of the kids. Obviously.
  17. dangermows

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    Do you have girls poos like? I always have a proper lengthy cable, where I concentrate to not snap it, even if it means I have to eventually stand up a little bit to allow it to be fully laid, ending with one end scuba diving and the falling gently towards the rim of the pan.
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  18. My memory is fine and I can't remember that.

    Now I'm confused as to whether the topic is worst scenarios that have happened to you or not.
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  19. riffraff

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    Hull at home? Twas the last game I attended......I think.
  20. Seriously, I'd have to google it.
    Palace away?

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