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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Crispy32, May 17, 2019.

  1. Crispy32

    Crispy32 Midfield

    On the pitch before the penalty shoot out? Police and official looking gadgies speaking with ref. At the coin toss Doncaster players looked pissed off as they had to take it at the home end regardless.
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  2. offmenut

    offmenut Striker

    Chief superintendent a massive Charlton fan and made some bollocks up about having to have the pens taken at the charlton end.
  3. Bedders

    Bedders Midfield Contributor

    Police decided the penalties had to be taken at the home end for 'safety reasons'
  4. Some proper cheating going on there like
  5. young2077

    young2077 Central Defender

    Got to be looked into surely? How can they justify any end being safer than another?
  6. Chewit

    Chewit Winger

    Bizarre...if the stadium is not safe to play football on the pitch anywhere the ground should be closed
  7. chuckyroll

    chuckyroll Striker

    Disgrace . Hopefully not heard the last . Heard the keeper saying bollix to the ref
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  8. Lammy

    Lammy Full Back

    They appeared to say that it was unsafe for the penalties to be took at the Doncaster end

    Then let 20,000 people run onto the pitch
  9. Chewit

    Chewit Winger

    Jimmy Hill type of prank this
  10. Helped keep the fans off the pitch
  11. It's got me properly vexed
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  12. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Stitched reet up :lol:
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  13. Bedders

    Bedders Midfield Contributor

    Hopefully there'll be some kind of sanction for that...
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  14. Stewards enquiry please, that was some fishy bullshit for sure.
  15. TaylorBoosh

    TaylorBoosh Central Defender

    Not safe enough to take the penalties at the other end of the pitch so had to take them at the home end, then they let 20,000 fans on the pitch and climb the goal posts and hang upside down off them :confused:
  16. john h

    john h Midfield

    The Match Commander typing up his report this very minute...."in the interests of safety blah blah...crowd control satisfactory blah blah.."...jobs a good un...
  17. durham.mackem

    durham.mackem Winger

    What if Doncaster had a penalty during the game at that end, would the ref make them take it at the other end of the pitch for safety reasons.. absolute bollocks.
  18. Jay

    Jay Midfield

    Sneaky but credit to them. Any inch to get in front, at all costs. I noticed our game management has improved a lot v Pompey, maybe we needed this season in League 1 to become streetwise.

    For example noticed that Aribo doing a Jamal Lowe and having his socks down low. Few kicks early on the game, doesn’t look the strongest of lads.
  19. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

    ..... and where is the line drawn? Are free-kicks ok? What about shots on target from open play?
  20. Exactly. Marquis scored what looked like the winner at that end and.......nothing happened
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