What games are you currently playing?

Fresh start on RDR2 the other day and also booted up a NG of Until Dawn this morning to get me in the mood for The Quarry coming out in June.
Looking forward to this Until Dawn was a nice surprise when I played it. Never played those Dark Pictures games like.
Nah me neither, apparently they were a downgrade graphics wise I’ve heard. Well the first one was, didn’t pay much attention to the others. But with The Quarry being UDs spiritual successor I’m all over it.

Think Until Dawn caught a lot of people off guard like, great little game.
Going back through Gta5 since the PS5 release. Also helping my brother via Co op on elden ring :lol: he's never player a from soft game before.

Got a bit of a backlog atm with lego star wars, horizon and cyberpunk collecting dust
Elden Ring but can't be arsed with it, nowhere near the end and haven't got a spare 100 hours to sink into it.
Final Fantasy XII Zodiac age on the switch. Didn't play it at the time of release so first playthrough and I am enjoying it. Also itching to get back to the next Yakuza game which for me is Yakuza 3.