What do you make of this ?

Big Toe

Central Defender
Most of these balloons are biodegradable which slightly mitigates it for me.

Some people are claiming he doesn’t need to pay the new fine as he paid the old one. That’s not right, they are within their rights to correct an error.

He knew the rules and regardless of age, the fine is correct. He organised an illegal gathering during a pandemic. Ironically it was to mark the death of someone by creating a chance of someone else dying from Covid. It’s outdoor so it’s unlikely but still a chance.

The £10,000 fine isn’t exactly a fine as such. It’s a charge which can be appealed at court. He’ll appeal and end up paying no more than £1,000.

Scotty 1978

The police were actually at the gathering, there was a gathering at Pelton Fell on the Friday before this one and again the police were present and no one has been fined at this one