What are you like at complaining regarding goods and services?


Fairly good but only when it’s warranted, if I’m receiving particularly poor service or something I’ve bought isn’t up to scratch. I never throw my weight about though, I’m just always very clear about any issues I have and how I’d like them sorted. Kicking and screaming may work sometimes but I don’t see the point


Hopeless. I genuinely can't be bothered usually. Rarely does it seem worth the aggravation. A couple of times, when service or something has been unusually bad, I have I have put something factual together and been as polite as possible. I did get all my solicitors costs from my first divorce back, mainly on the back of them using a paralegal.

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I too, am a trained negotiator, I’ve negotiated millions of $ worth of contracts. I’m a bit passive aggressive when it comes to complaining, I tend to leave bad reviews.


Ordinarily I can accept that things go wrong. Its the response to it that's the measure
If they put it right no issue
Get fobbed off or bullshitted, then all in


Would take a lot for me to complain about something cause I’m not an old miserable twat who buzzes off it.
Pushover. ;)
I usually give them the chance to make good. Once they fail and usually do i go straight to the ceo. It's dead easy to get their email. I've won against Barclays Thomas Cook SCS Argos and Vertu/Bristol St motors using this method The ceo s are used to people telling them that they have 95% satisfaction rate and the 5% or so just gets swept aside. They really don't like to hear how shite their company really is at desling with customers.
Had to take my Air France complaint to the CEO. The problem was sorted in a day after I did that. Gave me great satisfaction that the person who had repeatedly rejected my claim without grounds was the person who had to come back to me and offer me the compensation I'd been offered. :lol:
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I Always be nice when complaining and 9 times out of 10 it gets resolved, hate people who become nasty when complaining

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I'd say I'm alright. I deal with complaints as part of my day to day so you pick up some things.

Only felt the need to complain twice. Once to the bank. I work for the same bank. It was necessary.

Second one was when Three decided that a 3rd party company could add charges to my phone bill without my consent. I got the money refunded and 3 months worth of my contract paid.

I'd say if you're planning on complaining at least over the phone, do it in a calm rational manner and be polite to the advisor who is only doing their job. They'll be more inclined to help.

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Found some plastic in a tin of pek the other day. Emailed off and got an offer of £20. Refused it as I’ve ate that much pek over the years and never had a problem. They seemed pretty sincere and sounded like they were going to act on my compliant. They then emailed and said they would still like me to have a voucher to spend on more pek!!! First time ever I’ve complained.
Spot on . I'm a bloody minded Yorkshire bastard with 40 years training in sales , management, psychology, advocacy and union work.
Having said that I'm always nice and I find most places are great if you simply state your case politely and smile, expecting satisfaction .
Polite but firm where it's justified.

Expedia refused to refund a hotel room as it was non-refundable. My flights were cancelled due to the pandemic and refunded. I spoke to customer services a few times but they wouldn't budge saying I'd lost my money on the hotel.

I wrote a letter pointing out that Package Travel Regulations applied to the booking as the flight and hotel were booked at the same time and as a supplier they were liable to refund me for the remaining parts of the holiday if one part failed. They rang me within a few hours of getting that email to confirm I was entitled to a refund and they refunded within 48 hours.

Made me wonder how many people have been fobbed off with them saying no refunds when really they are entitled to one.


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I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt initially - everyone makes mistakes and if there’s an apology and quick rectification that’s fine.Move on all.

I never shout at people who might just be the public face - they aren’t to blame and I would not like my son or daughter to be bawled at.


If I know there’s a genuine on purpose rip off or scam I m like a dog with a bone - straight to the source of the problem- usually some greasy chinned slime ball with a shit suit and an orangery.