What’s your guilty pleasure scratter food ?

Tray of chips from the chippy, curry sauce on one end and mushy peas on the other. Take it home then be generous with the sriracha across everything. Can of Rubicon and prepare for the food of kings.
Heinz used to do those baked beans pizzas that had chopped up sausage and beans on them. Would definitely munch one of those
As the title says .

Bombay bad boy pot noodle for me , love one now and again , only flavour one worth having like.

Can eat double sausage and egg McMuffins from McDonald’s for fun aswell (if that’s classed as scratter food in the weird and wonderful eyes of the smb, sure it is )

Yours ?
Don’t count it as scratter food myself but you can’t beat a fish finger sarnie with cheap white bread. That or a banana sandwich 😋