What’s the longest it’s taken you to realise something?


Central Defender
At Burton last season, stopped at a pub in Mickleover. I was supping a still cider called Tutti-frutti, was wrecked after four pints, I enquired about the strength and was told 4.7%. The guy who got served after me was told by the barman, "tell your mate it's not 4.7 it's 7.4". Anyhoo, the guy did tell me, but he only told me a few weeks back.


As a bairn, as I was heading through Southwick toward the QA bridge, I always thought I could see Houghton Cut. It was until years later I realised it was actually the railway cutting at the back of Clatchy Rock. It’s generally in the same direction. As the crow flies and the form factor is similar, it’s just a lot further away.
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