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What’ll be the next iteration of “the big six”?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Helmerroids, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Of course it’s a shite media construct, but six clubs are currently markedly more successful than the rest of the league. This won’t last forever though, a while ago it was a big 4, through the 90’s it was generally Man U with sporadic challenges from Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa, even our beloved rivals during those dark Keegan days.

    What do people think the next marked shift at the top table will be? Will a team like Wolves, Everton or Leicester ever consistently make the step up? Or will one of current 6 hit the skids? The way that the bigger clubs continue to hoover up money it seems an unlikely scenario, if ever Abramovich had to sell up though, or Spurs lose Pochettino and find another Christian Gross..
  2. Seaham Towny

    Seaham Towny Striker

    Everton have chucked a load of money at it - not worked

    Wolves are basically ran by an agent, they've done well so far but I can see this is an accident waiting to happen.

    Leicester I think may get in there if one of the so called Big 6 shits the bed. Most likely are the two scenarios you mentioned.
  3. The teams you mentioned are the best supported overseas teams, this is who sky will always promote as it sells there product, if any team can be ask that for a few years they may shift to them but I very much doubt it, as for the uk punter I don’t see why anyone would pay for sky
  4. Baghdad McBadLad

    Baghdad McBadLad Midfield

    The mediocre middle?
  5. Fred Army

    Fred Army Winger

    The "average also's"?
  6. The 6 there will be there for a while yet
  7. Mark E Smith

    Mark E Smith Winger

    Us in about three years time ;)
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  8. Rottie

    Rottie Central Defender

    The Magnificent 8.....................
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  9. Beansprout

    Beansprout Subs Bench

    The Tedious Twenty!
  10. PTID

    PTID Full Back

    Agree !
  11. BNM

    BNM Winger

    This is why the Status Quo will be maintained for the foreseeable future: the rich keep getting richer,and so the gap between them and The Rest gets bigger every year.
    It is/always was about the money; now there's just more of it, and faster.
    The days of, say, a Clough building an unfashionable club into English/European champions is a thing of the past.
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  12. rey mysterio

    rey mysterio Midfield

    I still think they should split the premier and championship into north and south leagues of 22 teams each. Then at the end of the season the top six go into two legged playoffs, like the NFL. This could put and end to the dominance of the so called top six and share the money more fairly.

    Champions league is reserved for the teams competing in the north/south title games, then the final could be north v south to win the premier league title at Wembley. Could generate immense global interest if they market it the right way.

    Could do away with the league cup, boost the FA cup and EFL trophy as a result.
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  13. Leicester proved it is still possible to gate crash the party, I agree though that it’ll become increasingly difficult under the current PL structure. Spurs have never been a “massive” club IMO, that new ground of theirs though will help sustain them at the top table.
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  14. Stortford

    Stortford Full Back

    I know only 4 of the 6 qualify but Champions League cash helps preserve the status quo, not saying someone else won't break into it but will need a sugar daddy, used to be a lot more fluid
  15. The Continuing Story

    The Continuing Story Central Defender

    At the formation of the premier league the Big Five were
    Man u

    We now have a Big Six of those, plus Man City and Chelsea and minus Everton

    So realistically unless you are willing to spend billions theres no chance you’re going to infiltrate that
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  16. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Mags as in

    In their heads
  17. Bear

    Bear Striker

  18. 0321safc

    0321safc Winger

    Leicester displacing Chelsea is the only realistic possibility in the foreseeable future. Ambitious owners, spending 100 million on training ground and they have a lot of Young English talent.
  19. townieftm

    townieftm Goalkeeper

    As mad as an idea that is, I wouldn’t be against that. Can’t see it happening mind
  20. Spot on. When it was the European cup, Villa, Forest and Celtic had a chance. Even Leeds got close. But the governing bodies realised they'd make more money with lots more games. Little chance of an upset now. Also, defeated top clubs are admitted to the uafa cup/league.
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