Wet ears


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Having trouble with wet/squelchy feeling in both ears....anybody had this before?

No pain or anything but just very annoying/itchy etc

2 much Ear wax

Or strangely, not enough wax.

I had my ears done by way of microsuction after months of itchiness , the guy removed what can only be described as pebble like chunks of wax.
Which was a relief, but after a few days I had the wet/itchiness the OP describes, so called the Audiologist who explained it is either..

1. Infection but is usually accompanied with pain.
2. Ear Wax build up.
3. Ear wax production AFTER having wax removed.
4. Dryness in the ear ala exzema
5. Some people have reported itchy/wetness in the ear after Covid Vaccination.