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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Provider, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Provider

    Provider Winger

    Anyone flown with these before? Any good?
  2. Standard budget airline
  3. becs

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    Never used them but I love them for this video

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  4. rebski

    rebski Full Back

    I've used them for a mid-haul 5 hour flight and they're ok as long as you know it's a budget flight. Their route into London has had a lot of publicity recently for being beset by delays and cancellations though.
  5. Used them Vancouver to Toronto and they were fine.
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  6. Provider

    Provider Winger

    Cheers all. Looking at going to Canada later in the year and WestJet are the cheapest (not by much) on some dates. I'd never heard of them. They aren't much cheaper than some of the bigger airlines so will probably give them a miss.
  7. They are great for flights within Canada but their new long haul flights seem to be struggling. Like a lot of airlines with just a few flights overseas, it only takes one plane going tech on the wrong side of the ocean and suddenly you're looking at massive delays.
  8. Wow!

    Brilliant that.

    Mind I bet the bloke who asked for socks & underwear wishes he'd asked for the big TV :lol:
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  9. Soap MacTavish

    Soap MacTavish Full Back

    Used them a few times within Canada and they were great.
    Heard mixed reviews about their long haul flights with older aircraft / reliability etc.
    Have you looked at Icelandair? They were not bad for the UK to Canada route with connecting flights at Rekjavic
  10. jcrossan

    jcrossan Striker

    Better than Air Canada on domestic flights...just getting into the trans Atlantic game though
  11. bryc1

    bryc1 Striker

    Sister in law works for them out of Calgary..
  12. Jasper

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    Be gutted if you went hand luggage only.
  13. Beau Peep

    Beau Peep Midfield

    It's a budget airline branching out to transatlantic. They fly it with 737s and have to stop in Newfoundland to refuel. It's not a direct flight and 737s are horrendously uncomfortable for more than a couple of hours. If you're going to stop off you may as well go with a proper airline but change in AMS/CDG or something onto a bigger bird.

    Edit... correction Gatwick to Toronto is a 767, Glasgow to Newfoundland is 737
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  14. Provider

    Provider Winger

    Thanks mate. The itinerary I looked at said non-stop but guess they wouldn't disclose the refuelling stop. Think we'll be giving them a miss. They aren't that much cheaper than some of the big boys so will just go with one of them.

    Cheers all.
  15. Have you tried Air Transat out of Glasgow or Manchester? They're usually the cheapest and I've always found them okay.
  16. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    If they aren't much cheaper stick to what you know. Not worth the risk of it ruining a holiday mate.
  17. Northern

    Northern Midfield

    You checked BA? Managed to Get NCL > LHR > YYZ return for only £340 .. couldn't believe how cheap it was. That was flying 31st August like

    Edit: Forgot to say Also looking to go over myself next year and Air Lingus seems to be cheapest out of majority of carriers.
  18. Butcher's Coat

    Butcher's Coat Striker

    When we were working out of Halifax (Nova Scotia) - the Jocks used to fly direct from Glasgow to Halifax with West Jet.
    They were full of praise for them.
    Good flight times too. They used to take off from Glasgow in the mornings, and the flight was about 6 hours.
    Return flight was a late one, about 10:30 at night, but got you home early doors the next morning.
  19. Provider

    Provider Winger

    Yeah, they're one of the alternatives who are bit more expensive than WestJet so we may end up using them. How do they compare to something like BA?

    Yeah agreed mate. Just wanted to get some opinions on them as I'd never heard of them.
  20. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Probably be fine mate but if you can avoid, do!

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