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Wembley ticket seating poll

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by SAFCftm1986, Feb 3, 2014.


Which seats are you going for?

  1. £40

  2. £56

  3. £72

  4. £90

  5. £100

  6. Club Wembley

  7. Man City End!

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  1. SAFCftm1986

    SAFCftm1986 Winger

    Where you getting yours?

    £72 jobbies for me

  2. Anywhere I can get one...
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  3. No Club Wembley option :(
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    HBSAFC Central Defender

    £72 for me. Hopefully behind the goal.
  5. Tadger

    Tadger Striker

    Block 117, £72 for me.

    15 of us.
  6. foolzy

    foolzy Winger

    £56 this morning, supposedly 'ambulant' seats. We'll see!
  7. WestSussexMackem

    WestSussexMackem Midfield

    Block 506 for me so £56, kinda wish I went for the £72 ones now I come to think of it. Ah well just thankful I'm there :cool:
  8. SAFCftm1986

    SAFCftm1986 Winger

    Sorry mate. Completely forgot! MODS - PLEASE ADD THE OPTION :confused:
  9. Safc_Luke

    Safc_Luke Striker

    Block 118
  10. West Winger

    West Winger Winger

    Club wembley for me too.
  11. Antidotes

    Antidotes Winger

    £72 if there's any left come next Monday
  12. Option added, would be nice to see how many we have in CW from here
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  13. Shikari SAFC

    Shikari SAFC Central Defender


    3 of us in Row 23 :cool:

    Edit: Im wrong, turns out were Block 117 :lol:
  14. greedminds

    greedminds Striker

    Fuck me. They are even getting our wembley tickets now. I hope to god TLR doesn't find out
  15. BucketBiff

    BucketBiff Striker

    How did you get them?
  16. SafcTom

    SafcTom Full Back

    Club Wembley , Block 217
    Company we do work for has 3 seats
  17. Pup

    Pup Winger

    118, £72
  18. West Winger

    West Winger Winger

    Travel agency based in Dublin. It was part of a package deal - 349 euros for the seat plus overnight in London.

    Abbey travel in Ireland were the ones I used but there are others.
  19. Montys Cat

    Montys Cat Midfield

    block 506 £56
  20. ShieldsBlackCat

    ShieldsBlackCat Striker

    Any seat in blocks from 102-104 in the North Stand and any seat from blocks 119-121 in the South Stand. I have voted "£90". I hope I have got it right. Basically the purple blocks in the seating plan. Category 2. I hope to get a seat in a block from 102 to 104. I will be on telly most probably and will be easy to spot.
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