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Wembley seating question

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Smartie, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Smartie

    Smartie Midfield

    We've been allocated the east end of the ground. Does anyone know if that corresponds to the right hand side of the seating plan on the wembley site? I've been offered a club wembley ticket in block 226, which is towards the right. Just wondering if that's towards our lot or theirs?
  2. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    Yes it's the right-hand side mate

    Edit: Looks like you'd be just inside "our half", or perhaps just inside the neutral bit

  3. James

    James Striker

    That's our side.
  4. Yes mate it does.
  5. Smartie

    Smartie Midfield

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  6. Que sera sera

    Que sera sera Midfield

    Cracking seats mate - You are in the Gold seats and will have access to a free beer at halftime in the "Gold Bar". You are slightly in "Our" half although all of Club Wembley is technically neutral.

    You will be directly opposite where we pick up the trophy
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