Wembley Apathy

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Agent Zigzag, May 21, 2019.

  1. Spenny

    Spenny Striker

    Wigan? I missed that. Was it a freindly?
  2. Linus

    Linus Striker

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  3. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Flights are expensive, Monday isn't a Bank Holiday so lose work time and I'm playing golf Sunday morning. I spent 400quid for the final last time, this time I'll spend 12 and be mortal watching on TV in the pub
  4. Patch Lafayette

    Patch Lafayette Striker

    We were muted against Pompey as we’d all caned it the night before. We’ll be up for it tomorrow n Sunday!
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  5. KubickiKoolAid

    KubickiKoolAid Subs Bench

    We really aren’t as big a club as we think we are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s probably a good thing we’re reminded of that every now and then.

    We’ll probably still sell-out mind, but there’s no getting over the attendance for the semi-final was underwhelming.
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  6. Marko

    Marko Striker

    Sounds like it's a good job we didn't get to the FA Cup final as every team who does plays there twice in a few weeks, and God help us if we ever qualify for Europe again ! FTM
  7. martin_s_buckley

    martin_s_buckley Midfield

    My sock drawer is in need of a tidy, and I booked it in my iPhone calendar for 1.30pm on 26 May 2019 back in February when we had Blackpool, Accrington & Gillingham at home in a week and looked odds-on to piss this league. As I'm a technophobe and unable to delete it from my phone, I must undertake that task at the pre-planned date and time.

    Is that ok love?
  8. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    I don’t care who is going nevermind those who aren’t.
  9. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    It'll sell out :lol:

    @Nozs' Hat
  10. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    A lot of people seem unable to consider that some mightn't be able to stick down £100+ on attending a football game at 10 days' notice

    (I'm going FWIW)
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  11. KGC83

    KGC83 Striker

    What a load of shit :lol:
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  12. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Some of the cry babies on here need to get a life
  13. Manny F

    Manny F Central Defender

    We are. Playoff final or not this is a third tier game 230 miles away live on the telly 2 months after people shelled out for a Wembley trip and after the team’s automatic promotion campaign finished on a downer. Selling that out, or anywhere near, is huge.

    Charlton ended with a late surge and even their most half-arsed fan can roll out of bed 10 o’clock that morming and have a wander over. A lot of them won’t even have to pay for travel.
    And there’s no getting over the attendance on Boxing Day was nothing short of amazing.
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  14. Another 6eething fuck nugget.
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  15. rubberfacejnr

    rubberfacejnr Goalkeeper

    Speak for yasel marra.
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  16. I went to an ice hockey match in Moscow where the away team, from Ukraine, only had 4 supporters. The lads I was with reckoned they would be students living in Moscow but originally from Ukraine. It was quite surreal but they had little flurries of chanting which was quite amusing.
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  17. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    Aye, I was at all of those. 8th time lucky on Sunday :)
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  18. Dodgy

    Dodgy Winger

    I can't get a direct flight to Heathrow from here so the cheapest is about £350 with a stop. I will lose gigs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the cost of around £550, cos the £350 flight is Saturday morning at 12.40am. That'll also mean two nights stay in a London hotel and taxis to and from airport to hotels and Wembley. Add ticket prices, drinks, meals etc to that and we're probably looking at the thin edge of £1500 for a day out... less than a month before I get married. But aye, I'm making excuses, @Agent Zigzag :oops::oops:
  19. alicante mackem

    alicante mackem Striker

    I thought you were in Benidorm. Flights are costing between 30 and 50 euros and there's a boat load of times and airports to choose from. If I've mistaken you for Someone else ignore this.
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  20. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    All,people have to is they can't afford it which is more understandable than the excuses they churn out
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