Well done Jack Ross

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by KEV_SAFC_FTM, May 16, 2019.


    KEV_SAFC_FTM Midfield

    Ive been a big critic of Ross this season for his negative tactics but thought he got it spot on tonight.

    We obviously played for a draw with his team selection and pretty much nullified Portsmouth. We offered nothing going forward, but it was a game we didn’t have to win.

    Yes, our keeper made two big saves, but we really limited them in a hostile environment.

    Credit where credits due tonight. But he will have to play it differently in the final.
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  2. SAFCftm1986

    SAFCftm1986 Winger

    Mirror the sentiment but ‘hostile environment’ :lol:

    KEV_SAFC_FTM Midfield

    Their ‘fans’ assaulting our players not count as hostile, like?
  4. rebelsafc

    rebelsafc Midfield

    He did a Mourinho tonight. Wasn't pretty but got the job done. Leeds were involved in a cracker last night but where are they now?
  5. Wardley Makem

    Wardley Makem Central Defender

    He’s had a remarkable season. Well done.
  6. ontap

    ontap Striker

    Good point
  7. Roker Magic

    Roker Magic Reserve Squad

    Fair play to Jack. I think he has done a good job. When he arrived last summer, he didn't even have a full team and he had to use physios and medical staff to 'fill in' as players during training sessions. The club was on its knees and the relationship with supporters at an all time low.
    There was a massive mess to sort out and, compared to recent years, I think this has been an enjoyable season. I would stick with him, whatever the outcome of the play off final.
  8. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee Striker

    1 shot on target?
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  9. Eddie Hitler

    Eddie Hitler Striker

    I wasnt there tonight :mad: But it certainly didn't come across as " hostile " on the awld telly box in the club :confused:
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  10. TopCat

    TopCat Striker

    This. Barely heard them on the TV. What happened to the Galatasary of the South?
  11. In a game we needed 0 ;)
  12. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Team was set up spot on tbf. Wasn't happy with the lineup pre-match truth be told. Job done. :cool:
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  13. Longovicium

    Longovicium Goalkeeper

    Overall, I think he's been mediocre at best this season but he got it dead right tonight. That was a team that was ideally set up, prepared, and motivated to win the tie. Two clean sheets in a play off semi is very impressive. If we'd lost he would have got pelters, so it's only fair to give him credit.

    And if we beat Charlton, he has done exactly the job he was brought in to do.
  14. Boo

    Boo Winger

    That was the first time I've seen us succeed like that. It was refreshing and brilliant, particularly against that shitty team.
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  15. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee Striker

    Thankfully. Goalkeeper MOTM again.
  16. Tasman

    Tasman Midfield

    Without McGeady lesser extent Watmore he did well to have the defence drilled well, dont forget we kept Pompey scoreless in both legs when we were shipping in goals the previous month....
  17. Kermit

    Kermit Full Back

    Good performance no doubt. Credit where it is due. It hasn't changed my opinion on him however and personally i would find it hard to take anyone seriously if they did change their opinion on the basis of one game.
  18. Clearly set us up well organised with a plan which is a positive, but we played dreadful football. I certainly wouldn’t want us playing like that every week.
    I think the team fought for everything it was great to see he has definitely fostered a good mentality and team spirit.
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  19. Roker Magic

    Roker Magic Reserve Squad

    Why don't you point out the fact that over two legs we kept two clean sheets. We did enough to win. Would you rather we had twenty shots and got knocked out?
    Be more positive man
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  20. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    There's been some utter bellends slagging him off on here this season, he's done / doing a brilliant job

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